Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to School

Last month the kids went back to school. Well actually, Addy went back to school & Alex started school for his very first time! 

Monday, August 26th was Addy's first day of 1st grade!
(Isn't she just the cutest little 1st grader that you've ever seen!)

Addy was in Ms. Phillip's class for the first week of school & then she was moved to Mrs. Lowe's class. The principal discussed it with me before moving her & I think it was definitely done with Addy's best interest in mind. BUT it has been a difficult transition for her. It's been 3 weeks now & she is finally settling back into her school routine. I'm hoping things continue to get better & better & that she has a fantastic year!

Alex's first day of school (Mother's Day Out) was also on August 26th. 
But on August 23rd, his school had a back to school night. 
Everyone met in the chapel. Father Besson had all the children hold their backpacks up in the air & gave a blessing over them. Then we were dismissed to Alex's class to meet his teachers, Ms. Linda & Ms. Sandy.

Here is my big boy walking in on his very first day of school EVER! 
He was so proud of his Transformers backpack & his Jake & the Neverland Pirates lunch kit.

His classroom door was decorated with Dr. Seuss & he quickly found his name.

He sat down at a table & got right to work.

Don't you like how he wrote his name on his paper, lol!
(He wrote the one in 4 different colors on the side of the paper. His teacher wrote the one in blue on the top.)

He took a few quick pictures with me & sent me on my way. I was so surprised at how quickly he let me leave!

When Nick & I picked him up, he was drawing this picture.

After picking up Alex, we drove to Addy's school & waited for her to finish up her first day. As we were waiting, Alex crawled into the front seat & snuggled up with his daddy as we talked about his first day of school.

I asked him how his day went & he said that he cried a little. Then as he was telling us more, he said that he cried a lot. That he went into the bathroom & sat on a stool and just cried & cried. I asked him why & he said "because I missed you Mommy!" :( That just broke my heart! But I explained to him that school is fun & he'll make new friends & that Mommy will ALWAYS come back to get him! The next 2 days that first week (he only goes to school on MWF) were tough. He begged me not to make him go. He wouldn't let go of me when we walked into his classroom. I literally had to pry him from my legs. But the second week we started car drop off & that made a world of difference. He still doesn't always want to go in the mornings (but I think that's because he's like me & not a morning person AT ALL.) But everyday when I pick him up he tells me about the new friends that he's making & he always says that he had a good time & that he loves school! Which makes me one happy momma!

Oh & after we picked Addy up from school on their first day, we celebrated by getting ice cream cones!

So all in all, the first day of school went well & this school year is off to a good start! 
(At least I think it is. We'll see what Addy & Alex's teachers have to say during parent/teacher conferences next week, lol!)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Independence Day

We celebrated Independence Day with Nick's family.

We went swimming at his brother's house during the day.

And that evening we popped firworks at his parent's house.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Addy's 7th Birthday

(Since tomorrow will be 3 months since Addy's 7th birthday, I figure I better get this posted!)

Addy turned 7 years old on June 15th!

Here are a few of her favorite things at age 7...
Favorite color - pink
Favorite book - anything about princesses
Favorite food - cookies (chips ahoys)
Favorite toy - My Little Ponies
Favorite tv show - Peep
Favorite sport - soccer
Favorite holiday - Halloween
Favorite animal - butterflies
Best friend - Sydney (a little girl that was in her class last year)
Who does she love - Bailey

 We celebrated Addy's birthday by having a party with all our family & friends at MawMaw & Granddaddy's house. 

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Thank you to everyone who came out & helped us celebrate the birthday of one amazing little girl!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Update

Well, I'm back! I know it's been almost 3 months since I last wrote a blogpost. The only excuse that I can give is that I've been busy. I feel like we've been going, going, going all summer long & now the summer is GONE! The kids have started school & I'm hoping that things will finally settle down a little bit which means hopefully I can find time to blog more often!


The kids & I made a summer fun list just like we did last year. 
We had 35 things on our list & we able to do all but 5. Not bad! 

Here are some of the things that we did...

We went to the splash park.

We went on a scavenger hunt.

The kids participated in the library's summer reading program & both earned trophies by reading (or being read to) 20 books.

We went to Chuck E Cheese

and to Mr. Gatti's.
 (And I won the Flaming Finger again. That's right, I'm pretty awesome at that game, lol!)

We feed the ducks.

We washed my car.

(And Alex washed his car too!)

We went to the playground.

We planted a small vegetable garden.

We played dress up.

We participated in a sticker club.

We flew kites.

We played doctor.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe.

We feed farm animals.

We got hair cuts.

We went to Build A Bear.

We went to Lone Star Bounce.

We had a spa day at home.

(Addy painted her nails all by herself.)

We went swimming & Alex jumped off the high dive!

We went to the Sugar Land branch of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

We went to Sonic A LOT so Addy could get her favorites, french fries & ice cream.

 The kids both had their yearly check ups.
We had a water balloon fight in the backyard.

We celebrated my PaPa's 85th birthday

and Boone & Charlie's 2nd & 3rd birthdays.

Not only have I been busy doing things with the kids, but I personally have had a busy summer too...

I went to crossfit almost every day
(& sometimes the kids wanted to work out with me)

I bought a used breakfast table & chairs & stripped & restained it.

I volunteered to be one of the co chairs for the store at Addy's school & this summer I gave it a complete makeover.

Nick & I went to a Texans preseason game

The Texans lost to the Saints but it was still a good game!

I attended bookclub at my mom's house

and I went to my wonderful friend Kelli's baby shower (she's expecting twins any day now!!!)

which I made the centerpieces for.

We also celebrated Addy's birthday & the 4th of July & went on vacation to Georgia. I hope to have those posts written very very soon!