Thursday, June 29, 2017

MEH.HE.CO (Day5)

Tuesday, May 2nd was our last day in Mexico. Our ride back to the airport was set to pick us up at 2:00pm so we had the morning to have one last adventure. Which was...

Visiting one of the many cenotes in the area, Cenote Azul.

I'd never been to a cenote before so I really had no idea what to expect.
This is what we walked into...

Kind of looked like a jungle.

And then this... which is one of several tiny pools of water along the path.

So I'm like, ok, interesting... 

And then the path ends & I see this!

And this!
I mean, look how clear that water is!
(And COLD!!!)

We did snorkel for a little bit.

But most of the fish we saw were these little ones that wanted to give us a pedicure.

So instead we spent most of our time jumping off the cliff

and swimming.

This place was so much fun!! I definitely recommend visiting it if you ever find yourself in the area.

Around lunchtime, we packed up & headed back to our hotel to change & check out. And then it was off to the airport to go home!

Nick was such a trooper on this trip. He was sick the entire time we were in Mexico. So sick he almost passed out one day. But he still powered through & went on an adventure with me everyday. Our last full day, I started loosing my voice & feeling bad too so we went to the doctor when we got home & found out we both had strep throat.

So needless to say, as great as this vacation was, it definitely deserves a do over! Guess we'll have to visit the Rivera Maya at least one more time!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

MEH. HE. CO (Day 4)

The next day was Monday, May 1st, which was our last full day in Mexico.

We spent the morning at our great hotel beach doing our usual...

swimming, laying out

and taking selfies :)
I put on my snorkel mask & swam around & discovered that there were a ton of fish that we hadn't noticed before! Once we spotted them, we saw there everywhere!

We ate a yummy lunch on the beach
and then headed out on our day's adventure to...

the Mayan ruins of Tulum!

Since Tulum was a walled city, to enter the ruins you have to walk through one of the openings in the wall.

It's kind of a small site but does have a couple large buildings including 

El Castillo

The Temple of the Frescoes
and the palace.

But what makes these ruins so awesome are the fact that they are located right on the Caribbean Ocean!

I mean how beautiful is that! 

After exploring the ruins, we walked back up to the entrance

for some photo ops & shopping before heading back to our hotel.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MEH.HE.CO (Day 3)

The next day was Sunday, April 30th, which was our third day in Mexico.

After breakfast, we went to the town of Akumal

and went snokeling

at Yal-Ku lagoon.

We saw a lot of cool fish, including lots of black and yellow sergeant majors & a couple huge rainbow colored parrotfish.

Unfortunately my waterproof camera did not hold up to its waterproofness when I used it in Belize & I put my phone in a locker so I wasn't able to take many pictures at all. I really wish I would have be able to get a picture of one of the parrotfish.

When we were done snorkeling, we took a taxi back into the town & ate a yummy lunch at the Taverna.
Then we walked over to Akumal beach. We wanted to snorkel & swim here but the beach was SUPER CROWDED! And I don't like crowds!

So instead, we taxied back to our hotel and spent the rest of the day at the SUPER UNCROWDED beach at our hotel.

With me laying in the sun.

And with Nick taking a break from the sun in the shade. I mean, who does that!! Lol!

And we ended the night with selfies, shopping &
dinner at the marina.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MEH. HE. CO (Day 1&2)

The last weekend in April, Nick & I went to Mexico!! It was my first time to go to Mexico (well besides when we stopped in Cozumel for a day on that cruise a couple of years ago) and Nick's second.

We stayed at the Omni Beach Resort in Puerto Aventuras, which is a gated golf course community about an hour south of Cancun.

The hotel is a small 3 story boutique hotel right on the beach.

Here is the open air lobby that you walk into when you arrive!

And here is the pool overlooking the beach.

Once we got to the hotel, we pretty much just dropped our bags in our room, changed clothes & hit the beach!

We spent the rest of the day swimming & laying out,

walking along the beach

searching for shells

exploring the area

and watching the waves crash against the entrance to the marina.

The next morning, we had a yummy breakfast.
That. included. NACHOS!
(Which is definitely my kind of breakfast! Matter of fact, you could hold the eggs & just give me the nachos!)
And here was our awesome view during breakfast!

After breakfast, we took a taxi to Xpu Ha.

Which is a BEAUTIFUL beach about 5 miles south of where we were staying!

I mean just look at this place!! I would definitely rate it as one of the top 2 prettiest beaches I've ever been to! 
(The other one being Kailua Beach on Oahu.)

We spent the day doing more of the same... swimming, laying out & walking the beach.

Before heading back to Puerto Aventuras, we ate dinner at the La Playa Xpu Ha Beach Club.

Where they had this fun sign!

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