Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playdate at Clay's

On Tuesday afternoon, we went to Britany & Keith's for a playdate with Clay & some of Britany's neighbors. Britany filled up an inflatable pool for the kids to play in. I forgot to bring Addy's & Alex's swimsuits so of course, they both ended up naked!!
(So I'm ovbiously not posting any of those pictures!)
After about an hour, we came inside for ice cream!
Alex loved his ice cream, vanilla with chocolate syrup & sprinkles,
but told me it was "too cold!" Lol
Of course, Addy didn't eat any ice cream, she decided to read a book instead.
Then the kids went back outside to jump on the trampoline.
They LOVED it & Alex didn't want to leave!

We 'll definitely have to go back to Britany's again soon to play!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Marker Mumps
Marker Moustache
Marker Toenail Polish
 & Marker Warpaint
Thank you Crayola for making markers WASHABLE!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Balloons

Yesterday, the kids & I met the Sienna Homeschooling Group at the park for their weekly playdate. We have gone a couple of times, but not much this summer because it has just been too dang hot to play outside. But yesterday a couple of members brought water balloons, so how could we not go! I didn't have any balloons, so instead I brought a couple of water guns. I haven't had a water balloon fight in years & let me tell you, it was lots of fun! Even with me taking pictures & trying not to get too wet, it was still a blast. Alex was a little unsure at first, until I threw a balloon at him. Then he got it. He threw them at me & Addy, no one else though because he gets so shy. Addy knew what to do right away! And she had no problem throwing balloons at kids she didn't know! It was a great day of some good wet fun and I want to do it again soon! And no pictures next time because I plan on getting SOAKED!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


3 years ago, Addy was evaluated by ECI. I remember that day clearly! One of their concerns was her "lack" of imaginative play. That's apparently something that a lot of kids on the spectrum have a problem with & so they expected that it would always be a problem for her. Well, all I have to say about that is... they should she her play now!
On Monday, Addy had a tea party with some of her stuffed animals
(please don't comment on the wall, I ovbiously need to get more paint & finally finish painting)
She even made high chairs from blocks for the "babies"
(If that's not imaginative, I don't know what is!)
And she made her bears go for a ride on their ATVs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last night Alex & I were playing in the living room & I heard Addy get the broom out. These thoughts run through my head... Oh, she's sweeping, ok, well no big deal. Let her have a little fun with the broom, just hope she doesn't break anything.... Well, the good news is she didn't break anything! But I was quite surpised when I walked into the kitchen & found Addy, the broom, a SUPER SOAKING WET floor & a cup resting in the corner by the refridgerator. Hmmm, looks like maybe she got the broom & the mop mixed up! Lol! My guess is she was getting some water from the fridge & spilled it so she decided to "mop" up her mess & that was so much fun that she decided to "spill" more water & mop it too! Or maybe she's a mind reader & knew that I was planning on mopping after she & Alex were in bed so she decided to help me out! (probably not, lol) Anyway, I went ahead & mopped (I had to do it right then or anyone stepping in the kitchen would have busted it!) & my sweet little Addy helped me out in the hallway! (So maybe she was being a little helper. And I guess that would make her a mind reader too. Now that's something that I wouldn't be surprised at!)
& yes, yellow "B" even helped mop!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guess what you shouldn't do when you have a sore back.... Move furniture. But yes, my back is sore from working out & yes, I moved lots of furniture yesterday. And not just small things, I moved large, heavy items. A TV armoire (with the TV still in it), 2 bookshelves & the dining room table.
I knew that I should have waited for Nick, but when I get an idea in my head, I just can't wait! I get obsessive & think about it constantly. Sunday night I decided it might be a good idea to switch the playroom & the dining room. So yesterday I did it!! (& luckily, I can walk today!)
Here is the new dining room
and here is the new playroom. (You don't want to see it after the kids wake up!!)
P.S. Yes, I realize this light fixture is not really appropriate for this room & its hanging low. Matter of fact, I've already bumped my head on it several times! It will be replaced with a ceiling fan next week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just in case you didn't know....

Bugs Fly
Addy left us a sign on the wall to help us remember this little fact!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

American Idol Live

Thursday night, Mom & I went to the American Idol Live concert at the Reliant Arena. It was an awesome show! I was excited to see James Durbin, but honestly I was impressed by everyone. (James was still my favorite though.) Each of the 10 finalist sang a couple of solos & they also sang in groups.
 Here are a couple of pictures from the concert.
Scotty (the winner)
The girls apparently love Scotty! There were several signs saying "Will you marry me Scotty?" and we even saw a girl wearing a shirt asking Scotty to marry her!
He is a little cutie!!

P.S. Thanks to my sweet husband for the tickets & more importantly, for watching the kids, getting them feed, bathed, & asleep all before I got home!
I know how hard that can be doing it all by yourself!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My sweet son

I've always heard that little boys LOVE their mommies & that rings true with Alex. He is an absolute sweetie & Nick says that Alex is my little protector for life.

I was working out one night & I yelled "oh god!" Alex came running into the living room & looked at me & said "You ok mommy?" He had to come make sure I was ok. So sweet!

The other night Nick was already asleep & I went & put Alex in bed beside him. I snuggled him up, kissed him & told him I loved him & goodnight. As I was walking to the bedroom door, he sweetly said, "Mommy." I turned & said "yea buddy?" & he said "Goodnight mommy." :)

This morning when he woke up, I laid down & snuggled up to him & said "I love you baby!" & Alex said "No, I love you mommy!" Nothing melts my heart faster then hearing my kids tell me they love me!

He shoots me with his toy gun & then says "Sorry mommy."

He always says "Thank you mommy" when I help him with something.

When he hugs me, he sweetly pats my back. And when he kisses me, he pulls my face into his.

When he's laying in bed watching tv, he tells me to "Hop in!"

I hurt my back & he's been rubbing it for me & even kisses it to make it better. Then he tells my "back all better, mommy."

And he loves everyone to be all together all the time. He always wants mommy & daddy & Addy & Maryse & Alex to be together. And MawMaw & Granddaddy. And CiCi & PopPop.

I love that little 2 year old so much!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's craft time again... Elephant Watering Can

Here's a fun & easy craft that we made this weekend. I saw this in Disney's Family Fun magazine. (Btw, if you have kids & don't get this magazine, you are missing out.)
Anyways... back to the craft now.
You will need:
2 milk jugs
1 milk jug lid
foam or construction paper
hot glue gun
Start by drawing 2 circles on the foam or construction paper to make the ears.
I traced a bowl to make my circles.
Cut the circles out & glue one on each side of the milk jug.
Next cut out circles for the eyes (or you could use googly eyes.)
I cut a green foam circle & a smaller white circle. Then I colored black on the eyes.
Then glue the eyes to milk jug.
Cut a circle in the lid of the milk jug & then put the lid back on the jug.
Take the second milk jug & cut off the handle. You can throw the rest of the jug away.
Cut small slits around one end of the handle. This will help it bend better.
Glue the slit end of the handle to the top of the milk jug lid. This will make the elephant's trunk.
Now your watering can is ready to use!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

Yesterday, I took Maryse, Addy & Alex to the Children's Museum. It's one of our favorite places & yesterday's trip was extremely fun! Be prepared, I'm posting A LOT of pictures!!

We started out in the How Does It Work exhibit.


Then we visited the new exhibit Out On A Limb.
This exhibit is all about nature: trees, birds, weather, insects, etc...

You can write your name or a message & hang it on the tree.
Addy wrote her name & Maryse helped her hang it.

And of course Maryse had to hang her name too!

When you bang on this, it sounds like thunder. So of course, Alex loved it!

This is a wind tunnel that you put fake leaves in & they "blow in the wind." Really cool!

Addy had to rake all the leaves after they fell out of the wind tunnel.

I love this tree!

Next we visited the Matter Factory.

And then to PowerPlay!

Cyberchase was next.

And then on to the Invention Convention, which is our favorite place in the museum.
We made a rocket & here Alex is getting ready to launch it.

You can build cars with Legos & race them down this track.

We built this tower. Alex was amazed because it was taller than he was.

When I was finally able to pull Addy away Invention Convention, we headed back upstairs to Kidtropolis, USA! We shopped at HEB,

drove the police car,

and watched an election.

It was Harry Potter day at the museum
so on the way out, we stopped at the craft tables & made a wizard wardrobe for Addy!
We had a super, fantastic day & I can't wait til we go back!!