Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hawaii ... Day 6 .... The Kohala Coast

Day 6 ... Thursday
February 27, 2014

Thursday morning, I got Susan & Brooke to go out for a 3 mile walk with me!

But after breakfast, they were both tired & wanted to take a nap! So mom & I went back to the rocky side of A-Bay & walked around while they napped.

Look at how clear the water is there!

When the girls woke up, we headed north for a road trip around the North Kohala Coast. 

Our first stop was the Lapakahi State Historical Park.

The park contains the ruins from a seaside village that was built over 600 years ago.

Our next stop was a town called Hawi (pronounced Ha-vee) where we ate lunch and had a Hawaiian shaved ice!

I had strawberry with tahitian vanilla ice cream in it. Yum!!!

And then we walked around the town & shopped in all the cute little mom & pop stores.

Our third stop was in Kapaau at the statue of Kamehameha I, a great leader who united the Hawaiian islands.

The statue was made in Italy in 1880. On the way to Hawaii, the ship that was carrying the statue sank & the statue was lost at sea. But in 1912 it was found & placed here in Kapaau.

Our last stop on this road trip was the end of the road. Literally. The road ended at the Pololu Valley Lookout

which is yet another absolutely beautiful place in Hawaii!

You can hike down to the bottom but Brooke wasn't feeling well so we decided not to.
Instead, we headed back to Waikoloa & got there a little after sunset.

Brooke stayed at the condo while Mom, Susan & I went to dinner at Merriman's Mediterranean Cafe.

After dinner, we went back to the room & I went to bed. These long days really wore me out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hawaii ... Day 5 ... Whale Watching

Day 5 ... Wednesday
February 26, 2014

On Wednesday we went whale watching!!!

 Our tour left out of A-Bay (Anaeho'Omalu Bay) which is a beautiful little beach in the Waikoloa Resort area.

Mom, Susan & Brooke had all been whale watching before, but this was my first time & I thought it was super cool!

We saw a lot of whales! I think about 12 in all.

We saw them blowing

and flapping their tails.

And this one swam right under our boat!

We also saw this guy in a kayak. He kept getting so so so close to the whales! I was scared for him! But the captain of our boat said he's out there every single morning watching the whales. I think he might be crazy!

Our tour lasted about 2 hours & ended back at the beautiful A-Bay.

After the whale watching, we ate lunch at the Lava Lava Beach Club at A-Bay.

Not only was the food at Lava Lava delicious but the view was TO. DIE. FOR!

We literally had lunch right on the beach!

When we were done eating, we walked around the rocky side of A-Bay.

And watched a sea turtle swim right up on the shore to lay in the sun.

After lunch we headed back to the room to relax and swim in the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

Around 6 pm we headed towards a small harbor town just north of Waikoloa called Kawaihae. 
The sun began to set along the way.

So we pulled over & stopped to watch it.

While in Kawaihae, we ate a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Cafe Pesto & then looked around the Harbor Gallery, a cool little store that has lots of items handmade by Hawaiian artists.