Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer Wrap Up

Here's some things that we did this summer that I haven't already posted...

Nick hurt his back :(
Ends up he had a buldging disc & had to get a cortisone shot.
He's feeling much better now & hopefully won't injure himself again.

The kids attended Vacation Bible School at the Harvest Methodist Church.

We celebrated my Papa's 88th birthday!

We visited Nick at the grand opening on his new Missouri City store.

And then we went & watched a local production of the Little Mermaid at Inspiration Stage. And it was great!

(This was the 3rd or 4th show that we've seen there & Alex is always on the edge of his seat enthralled in the show. I keep telling him that he should try out to be in one but of course he says no. I'll keep planting that seed though.)

Alex grew his hair out all summer long

and then finally got a haircut right before school started!

What a difference!

And of course, we did a lot of this

And this!

And that's how we spent our summer... chilling like a villain!!