Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Alex

On March 11th, my BABY BOY turned 6 years old!

Here are some of the things that my big 6 year old likes...
(I like how he said he likes to make me & Nick buy him stuff! That could not be more true!!!) 

A-Man was pretty lucky this year; he got to celebrate his 6th birthday, not once, not twice, but 3 times! (He says next year, let's make it 4!)

The weekend before his birthday,
we had his first party in Lumberton with all our family.

We ate pizza

and played outside.

And then it was time for the birthday festivities!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Alex & ate cookie cake.

He opened his presents.

And then the kids played 

Pin the Eye on the Monster

and made paper monsters.

They all turned out so cute!

On Alex's actual birthday, Nick was out of town for work so the kids & I celebrated, just the 3 of us.
Alex opened his presents from us in the morning & then he got to plan what we would do for the rest of the day.

Which included going to the movies to see the Spongebob movie & then going to Chuck E Cheese.

And the weekend after his birthday, Alex had his last party, which was a friends party at an indoor playground called Stomping Grounds.

Lots of friends from school came.

And even his teacher made an appearance!

He had such a great time & was totally exhausted after the party from playing so hard!