Monday, March 6, 2017

Boosterthon Backyard Box Office

This year was SOE's 3rd year of the Boosterthon fun run.

And this year I was the coordinator!! Which means I did a lot behind the scenes leading up to the day of the run.

As in the past years, we like the school to look festive so we had the room moms decorate all the classroom doors. Since special ed does not have room parents, I decorated a couple of their doors, including this one, which won Honorable Mention!

Alex was super excited for the fun run this year!

He did a little running.

A little dabbing.

And a little more running!

Halfway done...

and time for a water break.

A little more running

and jumping

And all 35 laps completed!

Addy's fun run this year was

a color run!!

I think I got dirtier throwing the colored powder than Addy did in the run though.

At the end of the last run, all the 5th graders got to throw the last of the colored powder in the air!

And with that, I closed out my biggest PTO job for the year!!!