Sunday, September 30, 2012

Addy Updates....

Just to let you know, this post is old. (Which means I've probably already told you everything in it.) I started it back in August & never finished it. When I clicked on it, I saw that it was half finished, with pictures even uploaded, & so I thought I would go ahead & finish it.
Addy had several yearly checkups this summer. She had her 6 year check up with her regular pediatrician, her annual check up with her developmental pediatrician, her yearly speech evaluation, her yearly occupational therapy evaluation, a check up with the eye doctor & one with the dentist. (And she got a her first real hair cut too!) Needless to say, she was a busy girl!

At her 6 year check up, Dr. Bryd said she's doing great. She is 3'8" which is in the 17 percentile & she weighs 38lbs which is in the 26 percentile. So she's just a little thing.

While we were waiting for the doctor, Addy decided to give herself a check up.
And her dog needed one too.
And then Alex gave Hannah a check up.
And then the nurse came in & Addy got her real check up.
She also took a hearing test which she passed. 
However, she did not pass her eye test. So Dr. Byrd suggested that she see an optometrist. So the following week, I took her to see one & he said her eyesight is fine. She is slightly far sighted but that is apparently very common at her age. So nothing to worry about there.
In August, Addy had her yearly check up with her developmental pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital. Her evaluation went great & Dr. Strathern said that Addy is making great progress & that we have her on the right path!
She also had her yearly speech evalutation. (See, I told you she had a lot of check ups this summer!) She had a 12 POINT GROWTH in her speech this year! That's incredible! If you talked to Addy lately, you've probably noticed it. Her speech is multiplying. If she continues at this pace (which is very possible), she could be in the average range for speech in just 2 more years! 
I also took her to JCPenny for one of their free kid's haircuts for the month of August. It was her first real haircut ever! (I trimmed her hair once.)

The stylist didn't cut much off. About 2 inches.
After the running off incident (which I know you all have heard about) I talked to family & friends & looked online for what I thought would be the best form of identification for her in case something like that ever happened again. After doing lots of research, I oredered Addy an ID bracelet that she can not take off. It says... I have autism. My name is... Please help me if found... & has my phone number & Nick's. She's been wearing it about 2 1/2 months now & it doesn't bother her at all!

Addy just finished the 6th week of school & she is doing awesome! Her teacher called me to tell me just how great she is doing. She's doing all the work, following directions, really listening & being a part of the class. Nick & I are both so proud. This is exactly what we were hoping for when we decided to hold her back a year.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Beautiful Ballerina

A couple of weeks ago, Addy told me that she wanted to take a ballet class. So I called around in search of a class that would be a great fit for her. And what I found was a mixed dance class at The Little Gym where they do 15 minutes of tap, 15 minutes of ballet & 30 minutes of gymnastics.

 Her first class was last Thursday. And she absolutley LOVED it!
(And her second class was yesterday.)
Doesn't she look so sweet in her ballet outfit!
Tap Time... For some reason Addy didn't want to wear her tap shoes. So she did her tap moves in her tights. (She did wear her tap shoes during her second class though.)
Working on her ballet walks (Just like baseball, I'm sure there's probably some ballet terminology I need to learn, lol)
About to do a handstand
Walking on the balance beam
Hanging on the bars
Addy did awesome in class! She's such a visual learner, so she would watch what the other girls in the class were doing & then copy them.  And her teacher was really great with her & kept redirecting Addy whenever she would get distracted. The class is really small (the first week there were 4 girls counting Addy & yesterday there were only 3) which makes it easier for her to get all the help & direction that she neeeds. I'm so glad that she is enjoying herself. She is just growing & maturing so much & I could not be prouder of my beautiful ballerina!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Ball

Well you all know that I signed Alex up to play T ball this fall. I thought a lot about it & decided that it would be good for him. Maybe help him come out of his shyness shell a little bit.
Last Sunday, we went to buy him a glove. He was totally NOT interested. He could care less about picking out & trying on a glove. And he didn't care about the balls either. He wanted to go look in the toy section & he picked out a Dora bubble blower. And that is all he cared about.
When we got home, Nick said maybe he's too young to play. Maybe I should just not bring him to practice. I was really starting to stress about it & second guessing myself for signing him up. But I had already paid for him to play & I couldn't get the money back so I decided we'd at least try it out.
Wednesday at 6:30 was his first practice. And as it turns out, I got myself all worked up for nothing. He absolutely loved it!

We got there a couple of minutes late & the boys (& 1 girl) were breaking up into small groups to work on different skills. Alex was in the group that was batting first. He put a helmet on, picked up a bat & was ready to hit the ball!
Great contact!
He hit the ball & ran to first base!
Next he worked on catching
and throwing.
And how to catch balls rolling on the ground. (There is probably a term for this but I don't know baseball lingo. I'm sure I'll be learning it over the next few months though.)
I LOVE this picture. Look at that excitment on his face!
After the kids practiced each skill, they played a quick game.
Alex hit the ball & ran to first. Then he ran to each base as the other players hit the ball. Here he is after reaching home plate. (I told Nick he made a homerun, but Nick said that is not called a homerun. And once again, I know nothing about baseball, lol!)
Alex loved t ball practice so much that he didn't want to leave when it was over. He did great socially & really listened to his coaches. I'm very proud of him & excited that he wants to play. I bought him a bat & ball today so he can practice his mad t ball skills at home too! Tomorrow is his second practice & next Monday will be his first game. I can't wait to see how that goes!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boone & Charlie's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, the kids & I went to my neice & nephew's joint birthday party. Here are a few pictures from the party. 

Charlie about to blow out her candle.
Boone opening his presents.
Charlie was not quite as interested in opening her presents.
But she did love the baby doll that she got.
Pizza time!
I think Addy got a little on her face, lol.
Alex running around & playing.
 Chloe & PopPop
PopPop, PawPaw & June
Riding in the cozy coupe
On your marks, get set... RACE!
Addy wanted to ride too. I think the car was a little too small for both of them, don't you!
The birthday boy
DJ Chloe Rock
Boone showing off his muscles
2 sweet girls
The kids were excited to get a balloon at the end of the party.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Friday & once again I'm posting this on time! What what!!

If you remember last week, the kids were sick. By Saturday they were feeling better & wanting to get out of the house. So we walked to the playground at Addy's school for a little play time.
And of course Teddy & Mr. Dinousar had to go too.
On Sunday we took a family shopping trip to get Addy some dance shoes & Alex a T ball glove. Addy wanted the windows rolled down & loved having the wind blow in her face.
Day 9: something we usually do on the weekend... eat pizza
Addy played lots of dress up this week. She was a cowgirl.
She was a mommy,
 a pirate,
 and a princess.
Addy was looking for Bailey & Alex spotted him in the bushes. He pointed to Bay & said "Look mommy, I found Bailey. And you're right, I do have really great eyesight!" Lol. (What makes this so funny is I didn't tell him he had really great eyesight.)
Day 10: black & white... A sweet Bailey kitty hiding in the bushes. (I wonder who he's hiding from, lol!)
Monday night I brought Addy to the Girl Scouts membership rally. They let all the Daisy aged girls (Kinder & 1st graders) make a smore swap. (Swaps are little homemade trinkets that girl scouts trade with each other.) I got her registered & even volunteered to be the leader of a new troop!
Day 12: together...Nick was out out town Monday night so I let my babies snuggle up in my bed together.
Tuesday was the first birthday bakers of the school year. I made white chocolate oreo balls & chocolate chip cookie dough truffles for the teachers. They may not look that great but they tasted delicious! Click here if you want the recipe for the cookie dough truffles. (Because I know you all know how to make oreo balls already.)
On Wednesday, Alex had playdate with his friends.
And that night he had his first T ball practice. He loved it! Be on the look out for a separate post on T ball.
On Thursday, Alex had his second sports skills class at The Little Gym. They were still focusing on soccer & learned about being the goalie. He did much better this time & maybe in another week or 2 he'll actually participate without me being in the room.
Thursday night Addy had her first dance class. She loved loved loved it! Again, a separate post on this will soon follow.
There were a couple worksheets in Addy's folder on Friday after school. As I was checking out her work, I noticed the names on 2 of her papers... Me & Mom... Alex & Daddy. I think it's pretty sweet that she includes the whole family in her school work.
It was a really busy week & with everything I signed the kids up for, I know we are going to have many more just like this one! Hopefully I'll survive the fall, lol!