Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Halloween (It's Only A Month Late!!)

Here's what our Halloween looked like...

We carved a few pumpkins.

We booed our friends.
(The kids had a blast doing this!)

We went to Zoo Boo.

Alex had a Halloween party at school. 
They had a costume parade around the parking lot & then trunk or treated. After the trunk or treating, they went inside & had Halloween snacks & goodies.

And of course we went trick or treating!

During his school party, Alex ripped his Woody costume. So we looked through all his dress up clothes in his closet & he decided to go trick or treating as a veterinarian. 
(While trick or treating, he made sure that everyone knew that he was a vet, not a doctor. And then people would say "I'm going to call you when my dog is sick" and Alex would say "Well, I'm not a real veterinarian, it's just a costume!" Lol!)

And Addy went as a princess that was riding a unicorn.
(Or according to Alex, she was a princess riding an alicorn, which apparently is what you call a unicorn that has wings.)

My kids were great trick or treaters! 
They would race to the door, ring the doorbell one million times & then say "trick or treat' in unison! (And they should be great at it because they made me practice in the car with them over & over again!)

They had lots of fun and made out like bandits!