Sunday, January 8, 2017

Beaumont Children's Museum

On Thursday, December 29th, the kids & I went to Lego Day at the Beaumont Children's Museum.

They had several lego activities planned throughout the day, but we just wanted to free build with this giant pile of legos!!

Alex & I both made a Pikachu. His is MUCH BETTER than mine!
And Addy made Swablu

and her evolution Altaria.
Of course both of hers are great!

After building with legos for a bit, we made our way around the museum, checking out several of the exhibits.
Here are some of the fun things that we did...

We connected gears & tried to make them all turn at once.

And we made silly faces out of magnetic shapes.

We colored 

and drew pictures.
We played with sand

and air.

And dug for dinosaur bones.

And of all that was just in the hallway! 

Then we went inside the main room & we...

played music.

We built with small blocks.

And built with LARGE blocks.

And before heading out, we played captain of the ship!

It was our first time to visit the Beaumont Children's Museum & I have to say, I was quite impressed with it! (Especially considering it's in the hallway & classrooms of the Beaumont Community Center!)