Monday, July 28, 2014

Independence Day 2014

This year we spent Independence Day the same way that we usually do, with family, food & fireworks!

We went to Nick's brother's house & swam during the day.

And then in the evening, we went to my brother in law's office in downtown Beaumont where we

ate hamburgers

and hot dogs

and cupcakes!

And the kids played with sparklers

And we watched Beaumont's annual fireworks show

with family!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Addy Girl

On June 15th, Addy turned 8 years old!

She started the day with some celebratory pancakes!

And then a trip to Build A Bear to make Rarity, one of the unicorns from My Little Pony.

And then we had a cookie cake 


and a game of musical chairs!

And here are a few of Addy's favorite things at 8 years old...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dynamos Soccer Camp

Since Alex loved his Soccer Shots class at school, I decided to try to keep his love of soccer alive by signing him up for a Houston Dynamos soccer camp. The camp was held June 16th thru 19th at Camp Sienna, which is here in our neighborhood & the same place that Addy played baseball.

Alex had a rough start to camp. As you probably already know, he doesn't like to try new things. He was pumped up & excited to go to camp & so I thought that maybe school had helped him grow out that. But no... As soon as we got to the fields & he saw the other kids, he decided that he didn't want to play soccer after all & he wanted to go home instead.

On top of that, all the kids were given Dynamo jerseys on the first day of the camp. I had requested a small for Alex during registration, but they ran small & so that small I had ordered was too tight on him. They said they could get him a medium, but they wouldn't have it until the next day. So on that first day, he didn't have a Dynamos jersey like the other kids.

It took a lot of coaxing (and bribing) on my part, but he did finally join the rest of the kids out on the field.

Camp was 90 minutes long & throughout that 90 minutes, Alex kept sitting off to the side, cried a couple of times & just seemed to be super moody. What I didn't know though was that he wasn't just being moody, he was getting too hot! At the very end of that first day, he threw up on the field because he was overheated. All in all, he just had a really bad first day.

His second day was much better though. He got his jersey & a cool new Gatorade sports bottle filled with grape Gatorade. And he knew what to do & so he was much happier & had a great day!

And by the last day, he was sad that it was over.

Here are a few pictures of my little soccer star.

At the end of the last day of camp, all the kids had a Q&A with one of the coaches, Megan Kinneman, who is from Sienna & played goalkeeper for LSU. And Alex got her autograph on his soccer ball!

Alex ended up really enjoying the camp & said that he wanted to play soccer in the fall. But when I started writing this post today & asked him if he still wants to play soccer, he said only if the games are at our house & no one is watching him. Hmm... sounds like he might have changed his mind!