Thursday, October 27, 2011

Up & Coming

Maryse's high school, Ridge Point, does not have a senior class since it is only in its 2nd year. So instead of having homecoming this year, they had 'Up & Coming.' (Basically the same thing, just with a different name!)

There was a different theme every day last week to dress up at school. The weekend before Up & Coming, one of Maryse's friends from Vidor was in a tragic accident & passed away. Because of that, she did not feel very festive on Monday & did not participate in dressing up for 'Hillbilly Day'. Tuesday was 'Battle of the Classes' where each grade wore a different color. Maryse is a sophomore (crazy, I know!!!) and they wore green. She was starting to feel a little better & so she did participate by wearing a green shirt.  And I think she began to see just how involved some of the other kids got in dressing up & so she wanted to participate even more.

I took her shopping Tuesday afternoon so we could make her an outfit for 'ABC - Anything But Clothes' Day. (Of course, they had to have clothes underneath!) We bought a couple rolls of leopard print duct tape & wrapped a shirt in it. On Wednesday ,she wore the shirt with some black leggings, blue jean shorts & boots & then put a black wrap shirt around the top. It looked kind of like a leather shirt. It turned out so cute!!

Thursday was Purple Pride day. Maryse wore her purple Panthers shirt, a purple bandana (or washcloth as one of her friends calls it) & painted a purple paw print on her cheek. Thursday night was the Up & Coming JV football game. I dropped her & Bailey (her friend, not the cat) off at the game & they met some more friends up there.

(Yes, there is an empty picture frame hanging on my wall! Alex threw a ball & broke the glass & I still haven't replaced it!)

Friday was Neon Day. I made Maryse a shirt from a neon iron on that I bought at Hobby Lobby. She wore the shirt with a green bandana, neon rainbow earrings & sprayed her hair with red, orange & blue glittery hair paint. I also bought her a neon blue feather boa & she wrapped it around her backpack. She looked really great & she said she got lots of compliments on her hair!

And Saturday night was the big Up & Coming dance. Maryse & Bailey got ready here at our house & both looked beautiful! Bailey's boyfriend Chris picked them up & they went with a group of friends to a hibachi grill in Sugar Land & then to the dance at their high school.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2011

First of all I want to give a big THANK YOU to all who donated to  Autism Speaks on behalf of Addy! It was very generous of you & much appreciated! 

Saturday morning, Nick, Addy, Alex & I went to the Autism Awareness Walk at Reliant Park. It was a 2 mile walk around the parking lot of the stadium & it was a beautiful day for it. There were information booths set up, Geoffrey the Giraffe (from Toys R Us) & lots & lots of people! I was very proud to see the number of people who came to show their support for Autism Speaks & more importantly for all the sweet kiddos who are on the spectrum. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alex & Mommy Play Dates

While the girls are in school, Alex and I like to go shopping, on lunch dates, to the movie, to the playground & of course lots of times we just stay & play at home! (Disclaimer: All these pictures were taken on my phone so they might not be the BEST quality.)

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, Alex put on this hat & decided to check out the letter patches.

Lunch at La Madeline

Alex LOVES the strawberry lemonade at Chilis

Marble Slab - Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles mixed in & a sprinkle cone

Bee's Creek Grill has a whole lot of quarter toy machines. Alex loves them.

watching the Lion King in 3D - About halfway thru Alex told me "Mommy, let's go home. It's just too scary!"


Look Mommy, a big stick!

At The Stomping Grounds, an indoor playground in Sugar Land

playing in the sandbox in the backyard

my little clown

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ted the Turtle

Tuesday afternoon I picked up Addy from school just like usual. As I was driving through the parking lot, I saw a great big turtle! Of course you all know Addy LOVES animals & I didn't want the turtle to get ran over, so I stopped & picked him up. We brought him home, feed him a little lettuce, (named him Tommy, then Ted & then Teddy) & put him in a box while I took Addy to therapy. When we got back home, Maryse, Addy, Alex & I walked over to the lake & brought Ted the Turtle back to his home.

Look at that face!

Addy really liked the turtle!

feeding the turtle

Maryse was amazed at how big this guy was!

Addy wanted to hold the turtle.

Alex did too!

Maryse gave Alex a piggy back ride on the way to the lake.

releasing him back to his home

Alex waving bye bye to the turtle.

So Ted the Turle is now living back in the lake by our house. We saw him yesterday sunbathing. (Well, at least I think it was him, lol.) And we also saw a baby alligator yesterday too. I told Maryse not to worry, that's one animal I'm not going to bring home!!