Saturday, October 29, 2016

Girl Scouts Campout

On October 22nd, Addy & I attended our Girl Scout troop's fall campout at
Camp Misty Meadows in Conroe.

Misty Meadows is the camp where the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto house their horse program. And that's exactly the reason we chose to go there, so the girls could ride horses!

The rest of our troop arrived on Friday & stayed the night but Addy & I drove up Saturday morning. We arrived a little later than I was hoping for, so as soon as we got there, we ran straight to the horse stables.

Addy's horse was a beautiful golden blonde color
who was appropriately named Goldie!

The SPURS (who are older Girl Scouts who spend their weekends at Misty Meadows working with the horses) helped our girls mount the horses.

And then led them around the arena a few times

before taking them out on a short trail ride through the pasture & the woods.

After we were done at the stables, we headed to our cabin for lunch. The girls were in groups called 'patrols' & each patrol had a different job to do. Addy's patrol was on clean up duty & so she had some free time while another patrol was cooking. 

So during that time, she worked on her Outdoor Art badge.

After lunch, it was time for a camp favorite, the campfire!
Addy helped rake the area, find kindling & set up the fire ring.
The girls roasted marshmallows

and made smores. 
Which were delicious!

After the campfire, we had more free time. Some girls were crafting, some were playing gaga ball & some were just hanging out. But since Addy had missed the hike with her patrol earlier that morning, I decided that the two of us would go on a little hike around camp & explore.

Here are some of the things we saw along the way...

A white rectangle painted on a tree 
(which I'm sure has a meaning, I just don't know what it is!)

This cute little house.

And this awesome spider web!

Not long after our hike, we ate dinner 
& then it was time for a Girl Scout Halloween party!

The first thing we did at the party was the hayride.

We got to see several deer come out of the woods

and the sun set over the barn. We went at just the right time!

Some of the other fun things the girls did were...

the photo booth


Addy couldn't see well out of the eyes of her costume, 
so when it was her turn she pulled her costume up!

the ring toss 
(where Addy won a 2 liter of sprite)

and pumpkin decorating.

We got back to the cabin around 8pm. That's the time that Addy normally starts to get tired anyway but after the long day we'd had, she was beat! 
So bedtime it was.

The next morning, Addy was done. She was not interested in doing anything & luckily we didn't have anything planned for the day 
besides breakfast, pack up & go home.

Addy's patrol was in charge of cooking breakfast. She helped make the pancakes & even ate a few.

After breakfast, we packed, loaded our cars, cleaned the cabin & took one more group picture before heading home!

Addy & I both LOVE going to our Girl Scout campouts. For the day that is... This was our first time to stay the night & it will more than likely be our only time to stay the night. Day camping is more our style! 
(But at least we gave it a shot, right!)