Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scanlan Oaks Express Boosterthon

Last Friday, the kids ran in their school's 2nd annual Boosterthon Fun Run!

Bossterthon is a 2 week fundraising program that has a team of high energy 20 somethings come in & teach the kids about values. This year the theme was Big World Recess & they learned the importance of teamwork, confidence, humility, practice, endurance & curiosity. During those 2 weeks, the kids get pledges from family & friends & it all culminates at the end with a fun run!

Alex's class (and the rest of 1st grade & Kindergarten) had their run first.

They started off with the National Anthem & then a few fun songs to get the kids pumped up & ready to run. As you can see, Alex was participating & dancing! If you know Alex, that's a BIG DEAL!

And then they were off!

There was a lot of running, 

A little bit of walking.

And a couple of water breaks.

With 35 laps completed in the end!

Addy's class (and the rest of 3rd & 2nd grade) ran next.

And just like Alex's run, they started with the National Anthem & a pep rally with fun songs to hype the kids up before the run. 

Here's Addy doing some kangaroo hops!

And dancing!

Now for Addy, there was a lot of walking.

A little bit of running. (Which I didn't get any clear pictures of.)

And also a few water breaks.

And again, 35 laps completed in the end!

I'm so proud of both the kiddos for completing all 35 laps! It was hard work but they did it!
And a great big thank you to both sets of grandparents for supporting Addy & Alex & their school!

Friday, February 19, 2016


Here's what we've been doing lately...

We celebrated New Year's with friends & sparklers

and a few fireworks.

And roasted marshmallows & made s'mores.

We've been to birthday parties

 to Girl Scouts

and to Cub Scouts.

We've played with friends

and at the park.

And with toys we got for Christmas.

And with animals!

We celebrated Valentine's Day

And Nick's 40th birthday!

And I went to New York!
But's a whole other post (or 4) that will be coming soon!