Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sienna Snow Day

Saturday, January 26th, Sienna hosted a snow day. They brought in a ton of snow. They had an area for kids to play and a hill for sledding. They also had a DJ, rock wall & bouncy slides.

It was scheduled from 10 to 12 and we got there around 10:30. And it was already crazy! There were people everywhere. Nick dropped us off to go park the car but he couldn't even find a spot so he just went home. He called & said to call me when we were ready to leave & he would come pick us up. 

The kids played a little in the snow bank areas, Alex made & threw a snowball at me,

they went down the slide one time (after waiting in line for about 20 minutes)

& then we got in line to go sledding. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, Alex said he was hungry & ready to go home. So I called Nick, he came & picked us up & we went to Don Julio's for lunch.

On the way home from the restaurant, we passed back by the area where snow day was. It was now about 12:15 and snow day was over. The people & bouncy houses were all gone but the snow was not! 

After we got home I kept thinking about all that snow just sitting out there begging to be played in. So I asked the kids if they wanted to go back to snow day & of course they said yes. So we grabbed the boogie boards out of the garage & headed back to the snow. (At this point is was actually a cold slushy muddy mess but who cares right, that's the kind of snow we're used to in Texas!)

The kids were able to sled (on the boogie boards) over & over again with no lines.

And don't worry, Nick & I didn't miss out on all the fun!

We also made a snowman using a snowman kit I brought with us.

Addy added the branches for arms & Alex found a hat just lying in the snow. I think our snowman turned out pretty great!

We ended up having an absolute wonderful time! We got dirty & muddy & wet but it was all worth it! And now we know for next year, just skip the crowds & go after it's over.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Update

Yeah, my laptop is fixed! I really thought I was going to have to buy a new one (which I really didn't want to do) but I finally found a place that was able to replace the screen!
And so now I'm back & it's time for a weekly monthly update.

They both start off in their own beds, but somehow, these 2 kiddos of mine always seem to end up in our bed. Or me in one of theirs.

Playing tetherball at the school playground. 4 feet, 1 shoe, that's how we roll!

I signed both Nick & myself up to run the 1/2 marathon at the Gusher in March. It will our first time to run a half. We won't be running for time, just to finish! (I've asked myself many many times WHY did I do this to us!)

I just love these pictures...
Addy crawled in the front seat while we were waiting to go in the the doctor's office. She flipped open the visor & started making silly faces in the mirror. It was so cute that I just had to take some pictures.

Loving on each other right before their flu vaccines

Alex & I went to Which Wich for lunch & he placed his own order. 
PB&J on white, no crust. He even wrote his name.

Addy helped me make a pizza for dinner last week. 
She made an A for Addy with the pepperonis.

I walked in on Alex licking the top of the salt shaker & he said "Mommy, don't take away my healthy snack." Umm sorry son, I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a healthy snack!

Look at all my broccoli growing in my backyard. I should have some ready to pick soon.

Last weekend I took the kids to Maddi's birthday party. It was an art party. The kids got to paint & bring home these cute little smocks.

And this weekend, my mom, my aunt Susan & I went to see Temple Grandin speak. She was amazing!

We also went to Sienna Snow Day a couple of weeks ago & I'll be writing a separate post on that soon. 

And that's all folks!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Pinterest Party & Bookclub

On January 19th, I hosted our bookclub meeting at my house. Since we had made such great stuff at our last Pinterest party, we decided to make this one a combo bookclub/Valentine's Pinterest party!

Kelci's project was decorating a candle with scrapbook paper & twine.

Brooke's project was a heart wreath made from strips of scrapbook paper.

Molly's craft was a canvas painting. You put stickers on the canvas & then paint over the stickers. When the paint is dry, peel the stickers off & you've got a saying. I didn't let my paint dry long enough & so mine didn't turn out so great :( and therefore, I'm not showing it to you!

Mom's project was a cute red wreath that we decorated with hearts & beads. I made mine very simple since the wreath itself was already pretty flashy! (The white candle in the middle is my candle from Kelci's project.)

And my project was wooden block picture frames made with modge podged scrapbook paper & magnets.

Here we are with all our projects!

After we were done discussing the book, eating & making all our Valentine's crafts, we went outside & let the kids play. Alex insisted on taking Clark for a ride in his car he got for Christmas.

And Hannah went rollerblading.

Next time, Molly will be hosting bookclub & we'll be making spring/Easter crafts.