Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 4th Weekend 2015

This year, much like we usually do, we went back 'home' to Southeast Texas for the Fourth of July weekend.

We spent most of July 4th swimming at Wayne & Tracey's house.

When it was time to go, this girl did not want to leave the water or the dogs.

But this boy was ready to go back to MawMaw's & Granddaddy's to pop some


Alex was all about lighting the fireworks this year.

He would light them & then run back to admire his handy work.

Addy also lit a few fireworks, but she wasn't as into as Alex.

We had cones.

And big popping ones.

And of course, sparklers.

We also spent our 4th of July weekend doing another 'All American' activity, learning to shoot a gun!

Wayne took us to the gun range & we shot several different handguns

and an AR15!

My birthday is on the 5th, so we also celebrated my birthday over the weekend.

I celebrated with cookie cake

and dinner with some of my oldest friends! 
(And by oldest, I don't mean that they're ancient or anything, just that we've been friends for more than half our lives!)

With my goofball of a husband

and with a party for moi with some friends

and family.

It was a perfect hoilday weekend!