Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pearland Splash Park

Last week we went to the splashpark in Pearland for our weekly playdate.

Addy, Alex & Maddi on the seesaw. 

These 2 boys (who we do not know) were playing & Addy ran right over to them. She started talking to them & playing with them. I have no idea what she said, but I know that is major progress for her & I couldn't have been prouder! Bravo Addy, Bravo!!!

Addy, Alex & Carson on the playground
Addy & Maddi

As you can see, Addy & Alex had a great time at the splashpark. And I have to admit, I did too! It was a beautiful day & the water felt great. Now that we have found this place, we definitely plan on going back. And soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the Addy's first day of her second year of Kindergarten. She was so excited to to be going back to school that she woke up at 3am!

A few pictures before school...

Lol, I told her to smile & this is what she did. What a silly girl!

Her classroom door is decorated in zoo animals. Perfect for Addy!
Sitting at her desk
Addy & Mrs. Jalifi...Addy was to busy coloring to look for a picture.
When I picked Addy up from school, Mrs. Barry (the special ed aide) said that Addy had a great day. (I'm so thankful for that because I was worried after the 3 am wakeup.) She had an awesome year last school year & I just know that this year is going to be even better!
As you can see, the first day back to school + a 3am wakeup = a very tired little girl who took a nap after school.
Last Tuesday was Meet the Teacher night for Addy. Look what I made for her teachers...
a school supply cake
I saw this idea on Pinterest around Christmas & immediately thought it would be a great back to school teacher gift. Thankfully, I remembered to make them this year.
 I looked at the links on Pinterest but decided to do it my own way.
For the bottom tier, I took a box of tissues & covered it in a piece of school themed scrapbook paper. Then I used packing tape to secure 10 boxes of crayons around the box of tissues. I also taped a glue stick in each of the 4 corners.
For the middle tier, I covered a pack of baby wipes in a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper. And once again, I used packing tape to secure 2 bottles of glue to the 2 sides & a pack of markers to the front. I didn't add anything to the back.
For the top tier, I bought a small striped cardboard basket & filled it with an assortment of supplies such as sharpies, paper clips & stickers.
For the decorations, I bought a pack of bulletin board border & wrapped it around the bottom 2 tiers. And I used my cricut to cut the apple & the school bus from cardstock. 
I think they turned out super cute & both her teachers loved them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Days Have Drifted Away....

School starts tomorrow which means that today was the last day of summer vacation. So we spent today like we did a lot of other summer days... swimming!

Here are some other things we did this summer...

We played in the backyard.
We raced marbles on this homemade pool noodle track.
We made clothespin giraffes.
We made cookies with our EZ Bake oven set.
We played princesses
& dress up.
We played on the iPad.
We painted.
We had an indoor picnic.
We acted really silly & laughed a lot.
We tried a few science experiments.
We played with play doh & clay.
I made this! (Can you tell that I'm ready for colder weather, lol!)
The kids played mommy & daddy in the car.
Alex was of course the daddy & Addy was the mommy. Alex was driving first.
And then Addy said it was her turn to drive.
And don't worry, they made sure to buckle their kids in. Lol.
We made cupcakes & had a tea party.
And I'm not quite sure how, but our tea party was quickly overtaken by pirates. ARRGGG!
We had a great summer & completed almost everything on our Super Summer List. School starts tomorrow & it's kind of bittersweet. I'll be sad to see our summer end (& the fact the we can sleep late end too) but with the start of school comes a lot of great things. Like cooler weather & warmer clothes, football games & little league baseball (a first for this family), family walks in the evenings & a much more structured schedule (which means I'll hopefully have time to write more blogposts!)
So goodbye summer break. We'll see you again next year!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hannah Banana

My sweet niece Hannah came & stayed the last 2 weeks with us. We all really enjoyed having her here. We stayed pretty busy (and I'm blaming that on why I haven't done a blog post in 2 weeks!!)

We went to the neighborhood across the street & fed the ducks. Those ducks are trained professionals. As soon as we got there, they came running right up to us. They were ready to gobble up some bread!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese.

We went swimming A LOT!

We went to Lone Star Bounce.

The kids made birdhouses out of milk cartons.

They played dress up.

They played in tents that Hannah built.

We made cupcakes.

We went to the playground.

And of course, there was lots of laying around the house & snuggling with Hannah.

On Saturday, we brought Hannah home. Addy & Alex were really sad when it was time for us to leave. Addy said "Come on Hannah" & went & grabbed her hand to lead her to the car. While I was putting Alex in his seat, he said "I miss Hannah so much." They had a great 2 weeks playing with their cousin! (And so did I!) Hannah is a sweet sweet girl & we can't wait til we get to see her again! We love you girl!