Saturday, April 16, 2016

SOE Lights It Up Blue!

One of the great things about being a board member of the PTO at the kid's school is that I feel that I really have a voice for Addy & the rest of the kids with special needs. (Or different needs. I read so much online that this group says this & this group says this or this group is offended by this term & whatnot. I just try to do my best where it pertains to Addy & if she ever tells me she doesn't like me using a certain term, then I'll change it. But I guess for now I'll stick with special needs. Because let's all be honest guys, special is not a bad thing. And special is just what Addy is!)

But anywho... like I said, I think that being on the PTO board gives me a voice. I asked the principal of the school if we could have the faculty, staff & students wear blue on World Autism Awareness Day & she said, yes, not only that but we could decorate the school.

And so Addy & Alex's school lit it up blue for Autism Awareness Day & Month!

So our Girl Scout troop made some really awesome posters & on March 31st, we met after school to hang their posters & to decorate the school. 

Here are some of their posters.

And here is one of the signs we hung in front of the school.

We also had a few more signs, an awareness ribbon banner along the back pick up area, 

yard signs & blue ribbons on all the trees.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

1st Grade Field Trip

Alex's 1st grade field trip was on March 29th & he went to...

The Crocodile Encounter in Angelton.

While there, we got to see lots of animals, including...




and tortoises

a skink

some snakes

a few potbelly pigs

and a ring tailed lemur.

Who was not afraid to stick his head out of the fence & say hi!

Which Alex thought was awesome!

Alex had a pretty good time. But he wasn't really interested in the animals like Addy was when she went there on her 1st grade field trip. 

Not surprisingly, all Alex really wanted to do was play around with his friends!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter with the Stricklands

The day before Easter, we went to the beach & then we stayed the night at my in laws house. And on Easter morning, even though we weren't at home, the Easter bunny was still able to track us down & fill up the kids' Easter baskets.

He left some Zootopia tsums for Addy

and some funko pops for Alex.
(If you don't have small children right now, it probably sounds like I'm speaking a foreign language with tsum & funko pops. Luckily the Easter bunny knows what all these things are!)

After the kids looked through their baskets,

they dyed some eggs using a tie-dye kit.

And they turned out really pretty!

Then we ate lunch with the family
(and with a funko pop)

and then had an Easter egg hunt.

Addy was excited because she got the golden egg with $5.00 in it.

And Alex was just excited for more candy!

After the egg hunt, we played a little cards before heading back home.

And that's how we spent our Easter!