Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And so it begins...

I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now & well ovbiously I decided to do it. My main reason for this blog is because I've been falling behind on my scrapbooking. (& because I like to decorate things. Be prepared to have the background &/or font change everytime you look at this blog. I've only just started it & have already changed the look of it around 30 times!) The first three years of Addy's life are done. I recorded almost every moment on film & now they're in books. But poor Alex, I've barely even written in his baby book. I had great intentions & got OBSESSED & then stopped. Just like just about everything I do. So hopefully the blogging will last longer & my kids & I will be able to look back at my posts & see what fun we had.

Most of what you read in this blog will be about me, Addy, Alex, Bailey the cat & Pepper the dog aka Chaos Incorporated. That's what Nick calls us. Wherever I am, you will find the others close behind. I spend my days with these four loving, laughing, playing, teaching (& learning from Addy, she knows more than I do), gardening, cooking & cleaning & on some days a little crafting.  I love it & couldn't ask for a better job! So join us on our adventures as we learn, play & grow together!

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