Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Days Have Drifted Away....

School starts tomorrow which means that today was the last day of summer vacation. So we spent today like we did a lot of other summer days... swimming!

Here are some other things we did this summer...

We played in the backyard.
We raced marbles on this homemade pool noodle track.
We made clothespin giraffes.
We made cookies with our EZ Bake oven set.
We played princesses
& dress up.
We played on the iPad.
We painted.
We had an indoor picnic.
We acted really silly & laughed a lot.
We tried a few science experiments.
We played with play doh & clay.
I made this! (Can you tell that I'm ready for colder weather, lol!)
The kids played mommy & daddy in the car.
Alex was of course the daddy & Addy was the mommy. Alex was driving first.
And then Addy said it was her turn to drive.
And don't worry, they made sure to buckle their kids in. Lol.
We made cupcakes & had a tea party.
And I'm not quite sure how, but our tea party was quickly overtaken by pirates. ARRGGG!
We had a great summer & completed almost everything on our Super Summer List. School starts tomorrow & it's kind of bittersweet. I'll be sad to see our summer end (& the fact the we can sleep late end too) but with the start of school comes a lot of great things. Like cooler weather & warmer clothes, football games & little league baseball (a first for this family), family walks in the evenings & a much more structured schedule (which means I'll hopefully have time to write more blogposts!)
So goodbye summer break. We'll see you again next year!

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