Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

Last Sunday was Easter.

The kids were out of school for Good Friday, so we spent the weekend at Nick's parents house. And even though the kids weren't at home, somehow the Easter Bunny still knew where to find them on Sunday morning!

The kids spent Easter morning dying eggs,

and playing with the Legos

and the kites that the Easter Bunny brought them.

And the afternoon eating

and hunting eggs with their cousins!

Look at these beautiful Strickland kids! 
(I think that Jules & Addy look more like sisters than cousins!)

My parents were out of town for the weekend, so we did not spend Easter with them. But we did get to see all three of my sisters & their kiddos on Good Friday at an Easter party at Brooke's in laws' house. 
While there, the kids hunted

and dyed Easter eggs. 

Addy was so excited to see her baby cousin Emery. She wanted to hold her & give her a bottle.

And on the Wednesday before Easter, Alex had a class party & parade at school.

 All the kids were supposed to make a hat to wear in their Easter parade.
Here's what Alex & I came up with!

I hope everyone had as great an Easter as we did!

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