Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No School = The Zoo

On September 26, Addy & Alex were out of school for the opening of the Ft. Bend County fair. But instead of going to the fair, we decided to go to one of Addy's favorite places...the zoo!

We met up with some friends

and then cruised around the zoo checking out all the animals.

The kids also played in the African forest.

Crawled through the tunnel in the Rainforest house.

And pet the farm animals in the Children's Zoo.

Well... Addy pet the farm animals in the Children's Zoo. 
Alex sat on this bench & refused to pet even one animal!
He said they were dirty & smelled bad!
Good point buddy ;)

We also rode the carousel.

Addy rode on a zebra & Alex started out on an elephant.

But quickly changed his mind & rode on the non moving bench seat. 
That's my boy & rides! lol

After the zoo, the kids walked around the lake

and rode the train around Herman Park.

It was a fun day but we also had a really scary incident occur. While we were in the children's area, Addy disappeared. She & I were looking at the swan, she walked off & when I turned around she was gone. I went back to the play area where Alex & our friends were & she wasn't there. So I start looking for her & the longer it goes without me finding her, the more worried I became. So I grabbed the first zoo employee I could find & told him that I could not find my daughter. He asked me what she looked like, sent an all call over his radio & started to help me search for her. We rechecked the children's area & didn't find her. So I asked my friend to stay with Alex in the children's area in case she came back & the zoo employee & I started walking towards the zebras, which is what she had been asking to see all day. As soon as we walked out of the children's area, my friend called me & said that they found Addy & at the same time, the employee got a call on his radio also stating that they had located her. Where had she gone you might wonder, well apparently she was hungry & she was looking for food. 

She's matured so much over the past couple of years that I thought we had moved past her elopement issues, but apparently we have not. 

And so now my guard is back up. 
Big time!

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