Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Double Digits!!!

It's hard to believe it but Addy turned 10 this year!

On her birthday, June15th, we went to my friend Nikki's house & went swimming

and celebrated with pizza & cake.

Later that night, we celebrated again with cookie cake

and a special performance by The Amazing Mysterio!

And then on Saturday, June 18th, we had a pool party for Addy at the Sienna Resort Pool.

The kids had fun swimming & sliding for about an hour.

We sang Happy Birthday

and ate cookie cake during the first safety break.

Shortly after the break was over, it started raining so everyone had to get out of the pool. 

Addy made the most of it though by quickly setting up a game of musical chairs!
Because what's a party without party games!?!

Unfortunately the rain did not slack up. Matter of fact it got much heavier & turned into quite the thunderstorm! So parents were called, kids were picked up & home we went.

All in all though, it was a good time!

And now my baby girl is not a baby anymore. 

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