Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Halloween has come & gone but the candy still remains!
(Just kidding, the candy is long gone too! Lol)

Even though Addy knew she wanted to be a ghost for some time, she still had fun trying on costumes at Target. 

She tried on her 2 favorite foods, pizza & french fries
and this fun tiger mask!
(Looks very similar to the mask I made in art in high school. Do you still have that mom???)

About a week before Halloween we were booed!

And of course we kept the fun going. Here's our Boo Crew in action!

A few days before Halloween, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. 

Alex went with a minecraft face and Addy with an ant.
After wearing her ghost costume at her Girl Scout Halloween party, Addy realized that that costume was really hard to see out of. So she decided at the very last minute to go trick or treating as a cat instead.

And Alex dressed up as Ash Ketchum.

The boy who catches pokemons.

And his best friend Eren went as Pickachu. They looked perfect together!

I took the kids trick or treating

while Nick stayed home & passed out candy.

As you can see, they made out like bandits!

You all know that October 31st is Halloween. But what you may not know is that October 31st is also a super special day in our house. It's Bailey's birthday. And this year Bailey turned 20 years old! 

Since a cat turning 20 is a huge milestone, Addy wanted to do something special for Bay. So she took it upon herself to throw him a birthday party!

She made a banner

and a party game. And hung them both at Bailey's eye level.

She also made him a birthday card

and a party hat!

We all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Bailey & he ended his special night with some cat treats & milk!

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