Friday, December 30, 2016

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal

Here's how we celebrated Christmas 2016...

On Christmas Eve, we went to my mom & dad's house.

When we got home that evening, the kids were allowed to open one present. Alex tore into what he was hoping was Skylanders Imaginators (and it was!) And Addy chose NOT to open a present because Christmas morning is when you're supposed to open presents & it wasn't Christmas morning. (Which is just another example how Alex is my mini me & Addy is just like Nick!!)

Then the kids put on their new Christmas pajamas that the Pajama Elf brought, set out cookies & milk for Santa & went to sleep.

So that Santa could come!

Christmas morning the kids woke up early & dug in!

They got lots of great gifts including...
new art supplies 

pokemon figurines

nerf guns

fun blankets

and clothes.

On December 26th, we celebrated Christmas with the Roeders at Susan's house.

And on the 28th we celebrated at Pat & Eddie's.

We had a great time celebrating the holidays with all our loved ones! 

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