Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day this year was a little bit CRAZY!! Sienna was under a severe thunderstorm warning which quickly turned into a tornado warning! The kids' school went into lockdown & all the classes in the portables, including Addy's, were brought inside. Luckily I was subbing that day so I was able to check on my kiddos. They both did great & after about 2 hours, the threat passed, school resumed and the kids were still able to have their class Valentine's parties.

At Addy's party, they made Valentine's cards

and played a Minute to Win It game of how many conversation hearts they could pick up with a straw in a minute.

And at Alex's party, they made ice cream sundaes

and heart shaped Cheerio bird feeders.

And before Valentine's Day, I had lots of fun making lots of Valentine hearts.
Including some for Alex's class,

some Minecraft creeper Valentine's

and I helped mom make these cute Choose Joy ones for church.

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