Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fourth Grade Field Trip to the Fort Bend Museum

On March 11th, Addy went on her 4th grade field trip. It was at the Fort Bend Museum in Richmond, which is a historic Texas home that was built in 1883.

The day consisted of rotating between 4 different areas of the home with lunch between sessions 2 & 3.

Addy's class started off in the textile room where they learned how clothing was made in the 1800s. Each student was given a piece of raw cotton & asked to pick the seeds out of it. Then they were given 2 small brushes which looked like dog brushes. They used these brushes to 'card' the cotton or brush it out & make it soft. And ended up with a super soft ball of cotton which is called a rolag. It was pretty cool process! 

Next up was the one room schoolhouse. 
During this session, they learned what school was like back in the 1800s, practiced writing the alphabet on a slate board

and wrote their names with a calligraphy pen.

During Addy's third session, they played Victorian games.
Which included rolling a big hoop with a stick, trying to catch a small hoop on a stick & walking on stilts. (Which I'm a pro at & all the kids were impressed with my mad stilt walking skills! lol)

And then their last rotation was Chore Time.
During this session, the kids got to an opportunity to churn butter

and wash clothes on a washboard.

I've gone on all of Addy's & Alex's field trips with them & sadly, this was my least favorite one ever. (But then again, I've always found American colonial history to be super boring!!) 

But Addy enjoyed herself & that's what matters, right ;)

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