Friday, January 27, 2012

Rockets Run 2012

Last Saturday Nick, Keith & I ran the 10th annual Rockets Run. The run raised over $10,000 for Autism Speaks! How awesome is that!!!

I 'm pretty competitive & this was my biggest race to date, with over 2100 people, so I was feeling sick on the way there. (The mere thought of losing makes me physically nauseous.) But I surprised myself & ended up doing really good & beat my best time by quite a bit. I finished in 21:08 & won 3rd place in my age range for females & 148th overall. I got a bronze medal & got to take a picture with Clyde Drexler (who I beat in the run by the way.) Nick also did great. He finished in 24:09 which is his best time to date. He was 28th in his age range & 380th overall. Unfortunately, Keith put his timer on upside down so his time was not tracked.

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