Friday, July 6, 2012


It's Friday again, so it's time to share with you some pictures taken on my iPhone this week.

Friday night I went to see Magic Mike with a couple of friends. I was there for the dancing & not for the plot & the dancing DID NOT disappoint!

By Saturday, my kids were finally feeling better after a week long viral infection. So when it started raining, they grabbed a couple umbrellas & ran outside to play in the rain.

Sunday was July 1st & that meant it was time for a new Instagram a Day photo challenge.
Day 1: self portrait

Nick ran to the store Sunday morning to grab a few things, including toliet paper. When no one was looking, Alex grabbed the pack of toliet paper & took it to the playroom. And this is what I found! Looks like Captain Destructo struck again.

But at least it didn't all go to waste. I wrapped Addy up like a mummy.

A strange (but effective) way to eat a banana, lol.

A few flowers blooming in my backyard. The pink one is a confederate rose & the white one is on an okra plant.

My first tomatoes of the year

This giant butterfly flew up & landed on my lantana. Addy walked right up to it & almost touched it before it flew away.

Day 2: Busy... This is our list of things to do over the summer.

Monday night Mommy & me yoga

Tuesday afternoon we drove to Beaumont for the 4th of July. Nick & I went on our monthly date Tuesday evening. We went to Carmelas (our favorite restaurant) & to see The Amazing Spiderman.

Day 3: The best part of my day... I was in a funk about my upcoming birthday & these 3 things right here made me feel much much better!

Waiting for the movie to start. And by the way, The Amazing Spiderman was amazing!

Wednesday morning, Addy drew this picture of a computer. I said "Oh look, she got some of the keys in the right place." But honestly, I don't know the order of all the letters on the keyboard, so I wasn't sure which ones were correct. So Nick pulled out his phone & we looked at the keyboard & yep, you guessed it, they were ALL in the right place! Do you know (without looking) the placement of all 26 letters on the keyboard??? I didn't think so, lol! But apparently my 6 year old daughter does.

Day 4: Fun...We celebrated Independence Day by swimming

and eating banana pudding

and popping fireworks.

Alex LOVES the song Starships by Nicki Minaj. He makes us listen to it over & over & over again in the car. He wants it loud & sings along & dances. "Starships were menat to fly, Hands up & touch the sky"

Day 6: Chair...Mommy & Addy sitting on a bench eating lunch at Chili's.

Daddy & Alex being silly

And there you have it, a small glimpse at this past week. I hope you all had as great a week as we did!

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