Monday, November 12, 2012

Sensory Friendly Night at the Children's Musuem

Last Monday night, I took the kids to the Children's Musuem for Sensory Friendly Night. The museum worked with The Westview (a school in Houston for kids with autism) & developed this sensory night that they do a couple of times a year. This was the second time that they have offered it.

We've been to the Houston Children's Museum several times & the kids love it. What was different about this experience is that it was closed to the public. It was only open for children with special needs & their families & you could only come if you made a reservation. There were literally only a handful of other people there. So the kids were able to do everything with absolutely no waiting! The museum didn't play any music, didn't make any announcements over loud speakers & I think they even had the lights turned down a little. And we've never been able to go the tot spot upstairs because it's only for kids 36 months & younger (& Addy hasn't been under 36 months in 3 years!!) But this time they had it open for everyone!

Here are some pictures from our visit...
 The kids playing in the lobby while I was buying our tickets. (Oh yeah, another awesome thing was the tickets were only $5 each!)
While in the Kidtropolis Exhibit, the kids rode bikes,
practiced their paramedic skills,
went grocery shopping at HEB,
 & pretended to be vets.
In the How Does It Work Exhibit, Addy rode the Kid Lift pulley,  
we worked together & built this arch,
and the kids talked on video phones with each other. Look at screen, you can see Alex's face.
Addy climbed all through the Power Play structure. Alex did not! (He said it looked too scary!)
In the Cum Yah Gullah Exhibit, the kids went fishing
& Alex put on a puppet show for me & Addy.
They played outside in the Flow Works Water Exhibit.
And upstairs in the Tot Spot. Alex spies with his little eye...
We spent about 2 hours at the museum. At 6 pm, they closed the upstairs Tot Spot. That's the section we were in when they closed it, so I told (a little white lie to) the kids that the whole museum was closing & that we had to go home. (Forgive me, Alex NEVER wants to leave anywhere.)
It really was a great experience & so a big thank you to the Houston Children's Museum for providing this opportunity for my Addy & for all the other special needs kids in the Houston area! 

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