Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Update

It's that time again... time for me to post some pictures from my phone. But as usual, it's not Friday. So since I hardly ever posted my Insta Friday on an actual Friday, I decided I better change the name. So from now on, I'll be calling it Weekly Update. In hopes that I post every week, on any day of the week.

And so without further ado, here is your weekly update...
Addy made these flowers out of paper & pipe cleaners & told me they were for her teacher Mrs. Jalifi. She loves her some Mrs. Jalifi!
Alex loving on his 'friends!'
Addy snuggled up on the couch watching her iPad.
I made a pizza with a cauliflower crust. It was surprisingly good.
Click here if you want the recipe. (You really should click & try it. Don't be scared. I promise, it really is good!)
Flat Stanley is visiting our house & it's our job to take pictures of him on adventures. He went to school with Addy one day last week & I took a picture of him with her class.
Someone got a haircut this week even though he REALLY didn't want one. Here are the before (look at all that hair) & after pics.
The kids have rode their bikes almost every day this week. They're getting more & more comfortable on them. Especially Addy! "Look Mommy, no hands!"
I made another door hanger, this time a cute Thanksgiving turkey.
We had a lot of pretty days last week which meant several trips to the school playground.
Addy learned a new trick!
D is for dog & dinosaur.
Addy came home from school the other day & made these. All by herself. She drew all the pieces & then cut them out & taped them together. She's VERY crafty!
I moved the elliptical in front of the tv in our room. Alex loves it there. He can workout & watch cartoons at the same time!
Addy drew this for me. I love it!
Addy & Daddy + Alex & Mommy = Our Family
We headed back to the good ol' Golden Triangle for Thanksgiving. (Separate post on Thanksgiving to follow soon.) While there, Addy got her haircut & she loves it!
And that's what's been going on in our home. What's been going on in yours???

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