Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mid Season Showcase

This past Thursday was the end of the first semester of Addy's dance class. So they performed a little mid season showcase to show the parents all the skills they've been working on. I was able to get a few videos to share with you guys. 

Here is her tap routine.

And here is her ballet routine.

Then they went into the gym and did a couple different gymnastic moves.

Here she is doing her somersaults.

And here she is on the bar.

And on the balance beam.

All the girls in the class got an award for completing the first semester of the class.

Here's Addy getting hers.

And here she is with all the girls in her dance class.

It was a great little show & I was (and still am) SO SO PROUD of Addy! She did a fantastic job following along to the routines & she just amazes me every day!

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