Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Update

I guess I really wouldn't call this a weekly update. More like a monthly update. But whatever, right! At least it's finally done!

I had yet another mishap that kept me from blogging. Alex broke the screen on my laptop! He threw the lid to the cookie jar & it hit the laptop & broke the screen. It didn't break the glass, but the lcd screen underneath. And I can't blog from my iPad. I really don't want to spend the money on a new laptop, especially when all I use it for is blogging & the checkbook. So I hooked it up to an old monitor & now it works!

You might be a redneck if...

One of Addy's permanent teeth came in 6 months ago & her baby teeth were still not loose, so on January 7th she had to go to the dentist & get 2 teeth pulled. They made her drink some medicine, wait 30 minutes & then they gave her gas. She laid perfectly still and did great! She had one more baby tooth on the bottom that was loose & the dentist said it would probably come out soon. It actually fell out in the car before we even left the dentist! She had to wear a mouth guard for a couple of hours til the numbness wore off. Luckily she sleep most of that time. That night she left her teeth for the tooth fairy in a cute little pillow underneath her pillow. The tooth fairy left her 6 quarters. (I asked her what she thought the tooth fairy would bring her & she said coins, so coins she got!) And since the swelling & bruising went away, she has a cute little missing tooth smile!

Here she is before her procedure.

Sleeping afterwards         With her tooth fairy pillow        showing off her coins           And her new smile!

As always, there's been lots of playing going on...
The kids & I played Chutes and Ladders

They played tea party. (Addy set this up. I love how they all have paper hats!)

And Addy played 'speed', that's what she calls walking on the treadmill, lol.

And of course they've been playing with their Christmas presents. Here's Alex dressed up as Thomas the Train (thanks Brooke) while playing in their cardboard playhut (thanks Erin.)

Addy made a teacup & saucer with a piece of yarn. She learned how to do this in OT.

Alex dressed up as Doc McStuffins

I got a new car! And yes, I know it's just like my old car! You live & learn & I learned I should have kept my old Tahoe.

On January 13th we met Jessica and Peyton at the Children's Museum.
The other day, we were just sitting around doing who knows what. Addy walks into the kitchen (where I'm at) and looks like this! I asked her what she had all over her & she said makeup. And then she shows me this, all my makeup all over the dining room table!

So that's some of the stuff we've been doing this month but I've still got plenty of pictures to share with you. Hopefully I'll get them posted later this week.

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