Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sienna Snow Day

Saturday, January 26th, Sienna hosted a snow day. They brought in a ton of snow. They had an area for kids to play and a hill for sledding. They also had a DJ, rock wall & bouncy slides.

It was scheduled from 10 to 12 and we got there around 10:30. And it was already crazy! There were people everywhere. Nick dropped us off to go park the car but he couldn't even find a spot so he just went home. He called & said to call me when we were ready to leave & he would come pick us up. 

The kids played a little in the snow bank areas, Alex made & threw a snowball at me,

they went down the slide one time (after waiting in line for about 20 minutes)

& then we got in line to go sledding. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, Alex said he was hungry & ready to go home. So I called Nick, he came & picked us up & we went to Don Julio's for lunch.

On the way home from the restaurant, we passed back by the area where snow day was. It was now about 12:15 and snow day was over. The people & bouncy houses were all gone but the snow was not! 

After we got home I kept thinking about all that snow just sitting out there begging to be played in. So I asked the kids if they wanted to go back to snow day & of course they said yes. So we grabbed the boogie boards out of the garage & headed back to the snow. (At this point is was actually a cold slushy muddy mess but who cares right, that's the kind of snow we're used to in Texas!)

The kids were able to sled (on the boogie boards) over & over again with no lines.

And don't worry, Nick & I didn't miss out on all the fun!

We also made a snowman using a snowman kit I brought with us.

Addy added the branches for arms & Alex found a hat just lying in the snow. I think our snowman turned out pretty great!

We ended up having an absolute wonderful time! We got dirty & muddy & wet but it was all worth it! And now we know for next year, just skip the crowds & go after it's over.

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