Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Pinterest Party & Bookclub

On January 19th, I hosted our bookclub meeting at my house. Since we had made such great stuff at our last Pinterest party, we decided to make this one a combo bookclub/Valentine's Pinterest party!

Kelci's project was decorating a candle with scrapbook paper & twine.

Brooke's project was a heart wreath made from strips of scrapbook paper.

Molly's craft was a canvas painting. You put stickers on the canvas & then paint over the stickers. When the paint is dry, peel the stickers off & you've got a saying. I didn't let my paint dry long enough & so mine didn't turn out so great :( and therefore, I'm not showing it to you!

Mom's project was a cute red wreath that we decorated with hearts & beads. I made mine very simple since the wreath itself was already pretty flashy! (The white candle in the middle is my candle from Kelci's project.)

And my project was wooden block picture frames made with modge podged scrapbook paper & magnets.

Here we are with all our projects!

After we were done discussing the book, eating & making all our Valentine's crafts, we went outside & let the kids play. Alex insisted on taking Clark for a ride in his car he got for Christmas.

And Hannah went rollerblading.

Next time, Molly will be hosting bookclub & we'll be making spring/Easter crafts.

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