Monday, April 22, 2013

The Weekend Before Last

The weekend before last Nick was out of town on a boys golf trip. That means I had the kids by myself all weekend. And let me tell you, it was a BUSY weekend! Here's what we did...

Friday night we went to an outdoor movie night at Addy's school. The PTO set up a big blow up screen & played Wreck It Ralph. 

We got there about an hour before the movie started and met up with our Girl Scout troop. We sat on blankets on the ground & ate popcorn & candy. About 30 minutes into the show, Alex was ready to go. He leaned over to me & said "Mommy, this movie is dangerous. We need to go home." So we did. But we sure had a lot of fun while we were there.

Saturday morning, Addy had a baseball game. As always, she played great & really enjoyed herself. And this time, they had more Angels in the Outfield to help out with the kids so that us parents could sit back and watch. Here is Addy with her awesome Angel Will.

After the game, we ran up to the pet store to look at the animals. Addy could stay & watch the mice all day long.

Look at this little guy. We almost brought him home!

Sunday we went downtown to the Houston Autism Festival.

The kids got their faces painted while I looked at the booths and got some information on different therapy centers in Houston.

Alex got his face painted like a Ninja Turtle & Addy got her's painted like a cow. She's 'mooing' in this picture.

After the Autism Festival, we walked across the street to the Houston Aquarium. It was our first time to go there. Of course Addy loved seeing all the aquatic animals but I was not very impressed.

And since I was disappointed with the Aquarium & it was on the way home, we went to the zoo. My plan was to first check out the parking lot & see how busy it was, but Addy saw the zoo signs & then we really didn't have a choice anymore.

We rode the carousel

and looked at the animals & fed the giraffes. Sadly my phone went dead early on so I didn't get to take very many pictures at the zoo.

Needless to say, we were exhausted by the end of the weekend & ready for Daddy to get home.

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