Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strike Out Autism Skeeters Game

Last Sunday we went to an autism awareness event at the Skeeters' stadium. (For those of you who don't know, the Skeeters are Sugar Land's minor league baseball team.)

Hope for Three, an autism awareness & advocate group in Ft. Bend, organized this special event called Strike Out Autism. It was open for 100 families to come to the stadium & participate. Each child that came, so both Addy & Alex, were partnered with a volunteer to be their buddy for the day.

 Addy & Alex's buddies were Vanessa & Mark. They were a married couple & they were very very sweet!

They took the kids on the carousel

and the playground while Nick & I were able to go chat with friends & relax a little.

The kids were also able to meet the Skeeters mascot Mo

and get their glove signed by some of the Skeeters players.

And then they both got a balloon animal. Addy got a pink cat & Alex got a green dog/dinosaur.

After the kids had played for about an hour, all the families & volunteers headed down to the field for a parade. The kids played a little catch while waiting for the parade to start.

And then we all walked around the stadium in the parade. Alex thought it was pretty cool to be a part of the parade & loved that everyone was cheering & waving as we walked by.

After the parade, the baseball game was starting. Hope for Three had a buffet for the families to eat but there was not anything on it that Addy liked. So we ended up leaving to get her some lunch & did not stay for the game.

Even though we did not stay for the game, we had a wonderful time. It was our first time to go to the Skeeters stadium & it was really cool. They have a playground, slash park, carousel & a swimming pool & you can see the field from all of those places. We definitely need to go back & actually watch a baseball game soon!

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