Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love, Hug & Groom

On Sunday May 5th, Addy & I went with our Girl Scout troop to Camp Misty Meadows in Conroe to participate in a horse program called Love, Hug & Groom. 

Before grooming the horse, the girls were given a tour of the equestrian center by 2 older girl scouts that are part of the SPURS program. They saw the locker room, the meeting area, the vet area & this room, the boot room.

And then it was time to groom the horses.

The girls were shown several different brushes & combs & shown what each one was used for.
Here Addy is grooming the horse with the circular brush that brings up the dirt from the horse's skin.

And here she is using the bristle brush to flick away the dirt.

And here she is combing the horse's mane.

All the girls did a great job grooming the horses.

After the girls were done petting & grooming the horses, we had a picnic, played a few games & the girls had a water balloon fight!

And then we went on a scavenger hunt.

Addy found everything on her list, even a feather.

It was such a beautiful day & I think everyone had a great time! 

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