Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here's what we've been doing lately....
(And by lately, I mean like the last month or two.)

Eating ice cream
(Addy has decided that she likes ice cream. So now I get it for her just about everytime she asks for it because I'm super excited that she's added one more thing to her very limited diet!)

Playing Candy Crush (First I got Nick hooked & now Alex!)

Riding our bikes & being superheros

Eating donuts

And reading a 3D book. (Thanks MawMaw for the new book.)

Playing baseball in the backyard

And on the field.

Collecting bugs

And playing in the flowers.

Playing hide and seek
(Can you find Addy?)

and playing soccer.

Going to The Little Gym for Addy's dance class.
(And Alex has even been joining in the gymnastics part at the end. I'm so proud of him & I think I'm even going to sign him up for a class in the summer.)

We went to Peyton's birthday party 

Where I got to spend some time with my BFF!

We've done a little shopping 
And my son took off all his clothes & drew tiger stripes all over himself. Roar!

We painted our room. It was brown mustard yellowish color & now it's a milk chocolate color.

And bought a new mattresses. Alex helped me pick it out, the Serta icomfort Savant memory foam mattress. 

I was doing crossfit 5 days a week until I strained my lower back muscle.

But now I'm doing this instead. (But at least I get to do it in my new comfy bed!)

And we celebrated Mother's Day by going to lunch at Don Julio's. And Nick got me a Kindle Fire HD since the kids have taken over both iPads & I can't ever read my books on them.

And the kids made me these super sweet cards!

And of course, we've been loving on each other. (I just love these pictures! They're proof that as much as these 2 fight, they really do love each other!)

We also went on Addy's field trip to the Bayou Wildlife Park, went to Camp Misty Meadows for a Girl Scout Horse program & Addy had tug of war & field day at school. I hope to do a separate blog post on each of those soon. 

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