Monday, June 10, 2013

Addy's Last Baseball Game

Addy's last baseball game for the spring season was June 1st.

The game was only one inning.
Addy's team, the Cardinals, fielded in the top of the inning.

And batted in the bottom.

As always, Addy had fun & did awesome!

After all the kids got a chance to bat, the game was over & it was time for the closing ceremony. All the parents & spectators put their hands together & made a tunnel. Then the DJ announced the players one at a time. They got to run through the tunnel & then they got a trophy & special t shirt.

It's Addy's turn.

Here she is running through the tunnel!

And here she is getting her trophy. (Which she is super proud of! She tells me all the time "I played baseball & I got a trophy.")

And here's her Dream Team t shirt.

There were still a few players left when Addy was done so she joined the parents in making the tunnel.

I have to say that I am a little sad to see this first season of the Dream Team come to a close. It really is such a fabulous league & we are blessed that Addy got to be a part of it. She had a lot of fun playing baseball & we are already looking forward to next spring when she will play again!

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