Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Big Show

June 6th was Addy's last day of dance for the semester.

Instead of having a big recital, The Little Gym has what they call  "The Big Show." Each class puts on an end of the year performance but it is there in The Little Gym at their regular class time. Which is perfect for Addy. (I specifically asked about recitals when I called around looking for a dance class for her. I didn't want to put her in a super serious class with an over the top recital & have it be too overwhelming for her.)

Addy had to 'warm up' a little before leaving for class.

Upon arriving, Addy & the other girls went into the dance room to warm up while myself, Alex (Nick missed it because he was out of town for work) and the other parents went into the gym to await the show.

Then it was time for "The Big Show" to start. 
First the girls performed their tap routine.


And then their ballet routine.

Then they showed off their skills in several gymnastics areas. 
First on the uneven bars.

Then backflips

and then the balance beam.

When they were done with everything, they had a little time left over for free play in the gym. 

Addy got back on the balance beam & was able to walk the whole thing without a spotter.

Alex got a turn too.

Then it was time for the award ceremony. Each girl got an award 

and a medal.

And so did the class mascot!

Here is Addy's whole dance class!

And her is Addy with her amazing teacher Ms. Brittany.

I am so proud of Addy! She did amazing! She loves taking dance & is looking forward to the fall when class starts again. 

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