Monday, October 21, 2013

Fort Bend Rodeo Field Trip

Friday, October 4th, Addy & Alex both had field trips to the Ft. Bend County Fair & Rodeo.

Since they were on the same day, Nick took the day off from work so that he could stay with Alex & I could go with Addy.

Alex's class visited the Ag-tivity Barn & the petting zoo. His school does not have buses, so he rode with Nick & me in the car. We arrived about 10 or 15 minutes before Addy's school bus did. So I was able to spend the first few minutes with Alex on his field trip. But when Addy's class arrived, I headed over to the arena & left Nick with Alex. (Which means I have very few pictures because Nick took a total of ZERO!)

But here are the 2 pictures that I took & 2 that another parent posted on his class webpage that I stole.

I have lots of pictures from Addy's field trip. (I took 192!)

OMG her field trip was the cutest thing!
They gave all the kids a cowboy hat 

and a bandana & a stick horse.

Then they paired them up with a high school volunteer & let them participate in rodeo activities.

They started with a parade & opening ceremonies.

Then Addy took a picture with Ms. Fort Bend County (or the Queen of the Rodeo or something like that)

Next she practiced her cattle roping skills.

And her barrel racing.

She met a clown

who gave her a red nose.

And then she got to ride a horse.

She was in heaven (bc you all know she LOVES LOVES LOVES animals!)

She did a little fake bull riding.

And then it was time to end the rodeo with a group picture & a trophy for each kid!

By this time, Alex's field trip was finished so Nick 

and Alex came to the rodeo arena 

and watched the clowns & stunt horse rider performance with us while we ate lunch.

Addy had to ride the bus back to school, so we told her goodbye & Alex told her he would keep her hat, bandana & stick horse safe until she got home. What a great brother, lol!

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