Monday, October 28, 2013


Here's what we've been doing lately....

The kids have been busy doing schoolwork

and homework.

Alex's teacher had a birthday & he made her this necklace. All by himself!

Addy lost another tooth. That makes 4 total.

The kids have been going to karate class every week. They're both doing great & learning lots of new skills.

We've been to lots of birthday parties lately...
a swimming party

a party at the playground 

one at painting with a twist

and one at an indoor playground.

Nick & I continue to do crossfit in the mornings. 
Alex often goes with us & enjoys working out too.

I spend a lot of my free time volunteering at both Addy & Alex's schools. So much so that I was VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) of the month for August! 

Addy had her overnight sleep study last week. The nurse was able to get all 6 required hours of monitoring, even though Addy was not asleep the whole time. We should have the results next week or the week after. We're hoping that the doctor is able to find what is waking Addy up in the middle of the night & that he does not require her to do another one. (It wasn't the most pleasant experience.)

We've been busy with several Girl Scout events. 

We had another meeting.

We went letterboxing at Camp Sienna.

And on a field trip to Brazos Bend State Park.

Since the weather's been cooler, the kids have been able to play outside a little more. 

Alex has been riding around in his car

and we've been going to the playground

where Addy makes awesome shadow puppets.

Oh & Addy is teaching herself to play the piano. So far she can play Mary Had a Little Lamb & Old McDonald Had a Farm. It's pretty impressive!

We've also been getting ready for Halloween by going to zoo boo, booing our friends, going to the pumpkin patch & a Halloween party & more... Look for a post on all that fun stuff soon.

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