Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Disney World Vacation ... Day 2

Day 2 ... Epcot 
January 20, 2014

Monday was MLK Day & according to the crowd control calendars, Epcot was predicted to be the least busiest of the four Disney parks. So Epcot it was!

We got to the park right as it opened at 9am & went straight to the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway for our reservation for breakfast with the Disney princesses.

When we walked in, Belle from Beauty & the Beast was available in the front of the hall to take pictures & sign autographs.
(Belle was the first character that the kids met during our trip & Alex was too shy to approach her. But Addy was not. She walked right up to her, got her autograph & took a picture with her.)

Then we were shown to our table to enjoy our breakfast buffet & wait for the rest of the princesses to make their way to our table.

The first princess to visit our table was Aurora.

Next was Cindrella.

Then Ariel.
(Who is Alex's favorite princess. Matter of fact, he said that he wasn't going to take pictures with any of the girls besides Ariel. I think someone might have a little crush! Lol)

And then Snow White.

After breakfast, we went over to Future World East & grabbed fast passes for Test Track. Then we walked through Innovations East. Nick & Alex played some of the games while Addy & I rode The Sum of All Thrills, a virtual reality ride where you design your own roller coaster & then are able to virtually ride it. Here Addy is designing her roller coaster that she named The Blazing Eagle!

After that, we walked over to the character spot & meet the man himself, Mickey Mouse!

And Minnie.

And Goofy.

And Chip & Dale.

Next was Future World West where we rode The Seas with Nemo & Friends & watched the Turtle Talk with Crush show, which was really cute!

Then we met Pluto

and rode Spaceship Earth

where Alex & I somehow chose to play our audio in German & therefore, did not understand anything!

And then it was time to use our fast passes for Test Track, a ride where you get to design a car & then 'test drive' it.

These are the cars that Addy & Alex designed. Can you guess who made which car?

After that, we walked around the World Showcase and checked out some of the countries.

We went to Mexico & rode The Grand Fiesta Tour boat ride

and met Donald Duck!

Then it was Norway where we went on another boat ride called Maelstrom.

 And China

 where the kids met Mulan.

The kids played the drums in the Outpost.

And then we visited Italy

And America

And Japan where we saw a really awesome drum show.

By this time, it was around 6:00 & we were all tired. 

So we decided to skip the rest of the World Showcase, jumped on the water taxi that brought us to the front of the park & headed back to our condo & called it a night!

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