Saturday, May 17, 2014

Girl Scout Spring Fling 2014

On April 26th, Addy & her Girl Scout troop went to Spring Fling, which is the community wide camping trip at Camp Windemere in Alvin.

We met up with our troop & left Sienna around 7:45 (which is super early for me, even earlier than Addy has to be at school!) and got to Camp Windemere around 8:30ish.

We had 12 of the 20 girls in our troop go to Spring Fling!

As soon as we got there, the girls started trading SWAPS with girls from other troops.

Around 9:00 am, we attended the opening flag ceremony.

And when that was over, we unloaded all our supplies & set up our troop's campsite.

When we were done setting up, we had about 2 hours before our first session. I had remembered that last year we had a lot of unscheduled time without much to do. So this year I brought bug boxes for all the girls. They were the highlight of the day! All the girls loved them! Addy caught a moth & a couple of ants, another girl caught a beetle & one girl even caught a lizard!

After looking for bugs for about an hour, we hiked back to our campsite to make & eat lunch.

Last year, the girls all brought sack lunches from home but this year we decided to have the girls cook their food at camp. We split the girls into 2 groups or patrols. Addy's patrol were the hostesses for lunch which means they set out the blankets & sit upons & served the food after the other patrol was finished cooking. We had ham & cheese sandwiches, bananas & goldfish. And for dessert, zebra cakes!!!

After lunch, the girls went into Lindsey Lodge where they got their faces painted & had their first camp session of the day. 

Addy got her face painted like an elephant. (This was not a surprise to me because she's been googling elephant face paintings for weeks now!) Look how happy she is seeing her elephant face in the mirror!

When she was done with the face painting, she did her first camp session, which was making trail mix

and making SWAPS.

Our second session was Camp Basics where the girls learned how to pitch & take down a tent.

Addy got to help put up the tent

and then roll on it to flatten it out before putting it back in its bag.

Our third session was Songs & Games. 
Look at Addy participating in the motions of the song. I was so proud of her!

After singing several camp songs, they played games with a parachute. 
Some with a ball

and one like Duck Duck Goose, which is one of Addy's favorite games!

After Songs & Games, we took a little break before our last session to let the girls get sno cones.

And then we went to our last session which was Bounce Houses!

After that, it was time for snack. Addy's patrol cooked the meal this time, which was smores made with marshmallow fluff instead of roasted marshmallows. They were so yummy that Addy even ate a whole one!

After snack, we had about an hour of free time before the day campers could check out for the day. So we let the girls just run around & play. Addy spent some of that time back in the bounce houses

and some of that time checking on bugs!

At 5pm, we checked out for the day. It was a really fun day, but by that time, I think we were ALL tired & ready to go! 

Addy had such a great time even though we didn't get to sleep in a tent or cook over a campfire, which she really wants to do, because that's what camping is all about, right!

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