Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Crocodile Encounter

On April 22nd, Addy's class took a field trip to The Crocodile Encounter in Angelton. The place had lots of different animals that the kids got to see & some they even got to feed & touch. (And it didn't smell bad, which was a plus after going to the Brazos Bend Wildlife Park for the previous 2 years.)

Addy loves all animals & so she was very excited for this field trip!

As soon as they arrived, the kids got off the bus & broke up into 4 large groups to tour the encounter.

First up for Addy's group were the crocodiles!

She learned a little about these girls & then watched them get fed raw chicken quarters.

After that, she got to see & pet this animal, which is a Patagonian Cavy. It is one of the largest rodents in the world, it's a herbivoire & can jump really high. It looked kind of like a rabbit & was pretty cute.

Then she saw some pigs & deer

& this animal, which if I remember correctly, is a Kudu antelope.

Next up for Addy's group was a see & touch show 
where she got to touch a bearded dragon

a snake 
(ugh, I HATE snakes! I even hate looking at pictures of them in books. They creep me out big time. I did not touch this one but Addy did! And then she asked me if she could have a pet snake. Umm NO!!!)

And a baby crocodile.

The next thing her group did was learn about tortoises.  

And then she got to touch 

& feed them.

Towards the end of the field trip, all the 1st graders came back together to watch the Chomp Show. Addy's teacher Mrs. Lowe got a kiss from a giant lizard!

And these 2 teachers had a giant snake (I think its an albino boa constrictor maybe) placed around their necks. OMG I would have died! The head of the snake was all moving & slithering around & its tongue was sticking out. Creepy!

After the Chomp Show, the kids all ate lunch & then headed back to school.

It ended up being a really cool field trip & Addy & I both had a fantastic time!  

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