Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel

The 1st weekend in August, Nick & I went on a 5 day/4 night cruise that went from Galveston to Cozumel and back.

We left our house Thursday morning & made it to Galveston with a little time to spare. So we ate a yummy lunch at The Spot before heading to the port & waiting in the forever long check in line.

Once we made it onto the ship, Nick & I explored a little. We found the gym & while we were there checking it out, we entered into a raffle for spa treatments. Then we met up with my sisters. We hung out with them for a little bit & then headed back to the gym for the raffle. And guess who was the very first name drawn? Only the luckiest man I know, Mr. Nick Strickland! He won a 30 minute head & shoulder massage! 

And then we had to hurry back to our room to get ready for our first dining experience aboard the ship.

We had a nice long table at the very back of the Paris dining room

 with this awesome view!

Since the food was all free & you could order as much as your heart desired, I decided to try out some things I wouldn't normally eat. So I ordered escargo & duck. The escargo was pretty tasty! The duck, not so much.

And I had this molten chocolate lava cake for dessert (along with like 3 other things.) It was one of the tastiest things I ate all week!

During dinner, the ship's magician stopped by our table & preformed a couple of tricks for us. 

After dinner, we changed into our swimsuits & hung out in the hot tub with some of our group for a couple of hours. 

And since I had really enjoyed the magician at dinner, Nick & I went & watched his Up Close Magic show in the ship's library later that night. He did several cards tricks & a cool rope trick & then some mind reading/prediction type tricks. I was super impressed!

The next morning, Nick & I got up & went & worked out in the gym. The gym was at the front of the ship which gave us a great view while working out!

And then we consumed all the calories we burned by eating these fabulous tacos from the Blue Iguana for breakfast. (My #1 favorite food on the boat!)

And a burger from Guy's Burger Joint for lunch.

We spent most of the rest of the day laying out by the pool 
& playing trivia games.

It was dress up night in the dining hall, so we decided to skip that & we ate dinner at the buffet instead.
Then we had a couples massage.
And then we watched Divergent outside on the top deck at the Seaside Theater.

The next day was Saturday which was Cozumel day!

The boat docked early, around 9 or 10 am I think.

We got off the boat & walked through the Puerta Maya port

and then took a taxi to Paradise Beach.

The water was beautiful! So blue & clear.

Nick & I went kayaking & paddleboarding

and we played on all these water toys. 
The launch pad thing is a lot harder than it looks!

And Nick & I tried our hand at some Divergent style boxing on the trampoline.

We had to be back on the boat by 4, so we headed back to the port around 2 & did a little shopping. Well, all I did was window shopping. I didn't end up buying anything, except for a ceramic cat that I knocked off the shelf & broke.

At 6, we had dinner in the dining hall again.

Again the view was wonderful, but the water was choppy & I started to get a little seasick.

Even though I was still feeling bad, I didn't want to just go to the room, so after dinner, we went to the main showroom & participated in the Battle of the Sexes

and watched the Liars Club show.

It was about 9:30 pm at that point, so we decided to go to bed in hopes that a good night's sleep would help me feel better.

Unfortunately, I did not sleep well at all & was still feeling bad the next morning.
I was hoping that a little exercise might make me feel better, so we got up & went to the gym.
(But that didn't help either.)

After the gym, breakfast (tacos again!) and a shower, we met up with everyone for some trivia games. As you can see, we dominated! Our group won the One Hit Wonders trivia & the TV Theme Songs trivia. Jared won the medal playing the Bean Bag Toss & I got the third ship on a stick trophy for singing the first verse of Ice Ice Baby! (And yes, there might be a video of that floating around somewhere, lol.)

We pretty much spent the rest of the day eating

 watching shows

and playing games.
(This checkers game was missing 2 of the pieces so we used peppermints instead, lol.)

I had a headache & felt pretty bad that whole last day. I had another night of horrible sleep where I could feel every rock of the boat on my pillow. So I was pretty excited when we docked on Monday morning.

Unfortunately, I still felt bad all day Monday & Tuesday. So on Wednesday I went to my doctor & she told me that I was experiencing a migraine (for 5 days!!!) that was more than likely caused by the change in altitude. What really sucks is that I had my migraine medicine with me on the cruise but I didn't take it because my migraines have always had a loss of vision at the onset & this one didn't. I didn't realize it was a migraine, I thought I was just seasick. 

I had a nice time on the cruise, minus the pounding headache for 2 days. The beach in Cozumel was beautiful & it was really fun getting to spend some time with my sisters & brother in laws. But I prefer adventure & hiking & being outdoors to watching shows & playing trivia games. So I've decided that cruising is not for me & I won't be going on another one.

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