Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back to School 2014-2015

August 25th was the first day of school.

Alex is in Kindergarten this year & he LOVES it!

This is his teacher, Mrs. Lansangan & he LOVES her!
(In case you couldn't tell, Alex is quite the lover boy!)

He asked me if I can get her phone number so that he can text her & ask her to come over for a play date! Lol.

He loves the computer lab

and he loves going to lunch.

He loves school so much that he asked me if I can sign him up for extended day (which is after school daycare at the school) so that his school day can be longer!

Like I said, Alex Loves School!

Addy is in 2nd grade this year.

And she doesn't love it :(
Her teacher says that she's doing well in class, but I can see that she's getting easily frustrated throughout the day.

2nd grade is proving to be a lot of work! 
Note taking, silent reading, real grades & real tests. 
And homework! 
(And this is how Addy feels about homework!)

It's definitely a lot different than 1st grade!

We knew it was coming, but it's just proving to be a little overwhelming for my sweet girl. It's still early in the year though so we're hoping that as Addy gets used to her new 2nd grade routines, she'll return to her old "I love school" self again. 

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