Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2nd Grade Craft Day

On Friday, November 21st, Addy had 2nd Grade Craft Day at school.

This craft day was a whole day event where the 2nd graders rotated between 6 classrooms & made a Thanksgiving craft in each one.

Addy's first rotation was making a small cinch bag out of felt, yarn & beads.

Her second rotation was drawing Indian symbols to tell a story.

Her story was... "By the fire, the woman and the fox ate fish"
(It was an F day!)

Her next rotation was making necklaces out of beads & colored noodles.

And then shaving crayons to make


Her next rotation was using a mortar & pestle to grind up spices

to make a spice pouch.

And Addy's final rotation was weaving strips of construction paper

into placemats.

She sure was proud of her finished product!

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