Sunday, December 7, 2014


I haven't posted on my blog in quite a while... I don't know why, maybe just because it takes me FOREVER to write a post. Or maybe just because I've been lazy...
But anyways, I'm back. And I have lots to share. So be prepared for several posts coming in the next week or so.

But to catch you up for now, here's what we've been doing lately...

The kids took their fall school pictures. I think they both took great pictures!
The photographer added the background to the picture, which was funny because Alex said "uh, I don't remember standing in front of that wood!"

They're both doing great in school
& have both been student of the week already.

Nick and I celebrated our 13th anniversary

and the kids celebrated the 50th day of school.

And Veteran's Day.

And the 2nd grade even performed a Veteran's Day Musical.

This sweet girl got sick. Really really sick.

This is what she looked like at the doctors office. She was misdiagnosed with a stomach bug by the on call doctor on a Friday & by Monday she was much much worse. Ended up being a kidney infection. She had to have 2 rounds of antibiotic shots & then be on liquid antibiotics for another week. 

Luckily she has the best kitty in the world who loves to snuggle with her & that always makes her feel better!

This guy's got a new obsession. It's skylanders. But if you've seen or talked to him lately, well then you know that already. Because I'm sure he has told you all about them & their elements & what cool moves they can do & which ones he has & which ones he wants for Christmas! He's OBSESSED!!!

Addy joined an after school art club where she painted this

and made this

and this!

And she lost another tooth. (which Alex is totally jealous of. He really wants to lose one soon.)
She ran into our room very first thing in the morning & told us that the tooth fairy brought her some 'tickets!' She was so excited!

We played silly string wars

and dress up

and lots of games.
Such as Disney Scrabble


And even Skylander Headbandz 
(which is a totally made up game!)
(And our eyes are closed because we took a selfie but didn't want to cheat & see what cards we had.)

We went to Chuck E Cheese

and Sky Zone

and the Nutcracker Market.

And we went to Chloe's birthday party

where the kids played musical chairs!
(Addy was so happy about this! She is a firm believer that all birthday parties should include a round or 2 of musical chairs.)

And while we were at Chloe's party, we visited the Vidor Veteran's Memorial

and saw PopPop's brick!
So proud of your service to our country Dad!

We went to Math & Science Night at the school where the kids played card, dice & domino games.

And the the whole family competed in an engineering contest.

And our table won!

And most importantly, we spent time with our family!

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